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This is definitely one of those #sorrynotsorry situations, for as long as I can remember I've been so anti face wipes. 

Ok there is an exception, on those kind of nights you stroll in ridiculously late and the options are fall asleep with the remnants of your make up on or reach for a wipe - I go for the latter. But Sssh! 

Let's face it, wipes just don't cut it! - they don't give the skin a thorough enough cleanse and can actually leave residue on the skin. 

This was all until I discovered the Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Cleansing Cloths, a complete game changer that even I'm guilty of loving. These cleansing cloths are amazing (yes I said it!) They quickly and effectively remove all traces of make up and leave your skin feeling clean. The ingredients of these wipes make all the difference to standard make up wipes. 

Borage Seed Oil 
A rich source of omega-6, great for moisturising, soothing firming & calming the skin. 

Moringa Seed Oil 
Full of nutrients, anti oxidants and amino acids which really helps to remove all dirt from the skin. 

African Red Tea 
Another rich anti oxidant that prevent ageing.

Pineapple & Papaya 
Natural exfoliants which remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

Although I won't be replacing my daily cleanse with these wipes (I can't help it - I have to physically wash away the day!) I do feel a little more comfortable on those lazy evenings knowing the wipes I'm using are doing some good to my skin! 

Have any of you tried these wipes? Can't recommend them enough! 

Lots of love 


  1. Haven't tried these! Ive heard some mixed reviews!! Might give them a go xx

    BerrieBlogs {beauty and lifestyle blog}

  2. Interesting. I kicked my reliance on face wipes about a year ago and never looked back. However these do sound good for those very late nights, or as a refresher after the gym

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  3. I'm an oil cleanser person so I would never really use wipes (just because it's actually faster for me to oil cleanse my skin). Do LOVE moringa seed oil though. Such a beautifying oil.

  4. Great post....these are a must have for those nights I rock home late (and drunk! shhh!)

    I'm having a bit of an Ole moment so this should compliment my normal routine! :)

    Lis xx

  5. These sound so good! Can't wait to try. I bought the YES Wipes but they kinda irritate my skin.
    xo Jane

  6. These sound great! Can't wait to try!


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