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Illamasqua Glamore Nude Collection



When Illamasqua first launched their Glamore lipsticks I knew I was going to be a fan! A creamy, satin consistency lipstick with strong colour pigment like the original matte lipsticks - YES please?! So when a selection of the new Nude Glamore Collection Lipsticks arrived on my desk, to say I was excited was understatement.

The Glamore lipsticks come in 7 new nude shades which are designed to compliment all complexions. These are dreamy to apply and feel so hydrating on the lips. I'm not usually a fan of satin lipsticks but these don't feel like any others I've tried - They stay put for hours and as you see the colours are true to life. 


Is quite obviously nude on my complexion, a little corpse like on me but I'd rock it (haha!) It's a peachy nude lipstick which I usually opt for when wearing a heavy, smokey eye. 


Rosepout is quite nude but more of a pink toned lipstick. I used to wear colours like this all the time - I'm not a huge fan of that concealer lip look on me but I think this is my favourite out of the three! 


Minx is a beautiful colour, I can imagine it looking gorgeous on someone with a slightly warmer complexion than mine. On me it's a pretty rosebud colour that's effortless to wear, I really like how the colour leaves the lips with a lovely stain.

I don't think any of these shades would necessarily be my personal picks when it comes to nude lipsticks but nevertheless I wanted to share them with you. Despite the colours not being the best for my complexion they lipsticks themselves are lovely on the lips. 

Illamasqua Glamore Nude Collection launched today!  Be sure to check it out and find your perfect nude and If you haven't already checked out the Glamore lipsticks, I can't urge you enough - Amazing! 

Hope you are all well 

Lots of Love 


  1. I'm in love with the last colour! x

  2. love these colours!

  3. I love listening to your reviews and comments of products, as i find we have a lot in common. When i heard illamasqua was releasing their new nude lipstick line, the first person that came to mind was you! From the advertisement on the company's website, Naked and Rosepout definitely looked FABULOUS for a nude. i was super keen to purchase them, but when i saw them in person, and tried them on, i was really disappointed. Like you mentioned, they look a bit like the "concealer" trend on darker skin tones.
    Fingers crossed they listen to the public and make a nude lipstick opted for darker skin tones. As for now, i guess i will be sticking to my honeylove and yash.
    Great blog post! Look forward to reading many more!
    Take care Zara !

  4. I like 'minx' on you


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