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Celebrating SMART Women with Clinique


To celebrate the launch of Clinique's SMART serum, I was asked to share my thoughts on what defines a SMART woman and what woman in particular has impacted my life. 

What is SMART? It got me thinking about all the women close to me and those who have made significant difference in my life - my grandma, my mother, my aunties and my cousins. It made me feel incredibly grateful for being brought up by a group of strong, independent women who in my eyes embody the definition of SMART. To me, a smart woman in this day and age has little to do with knowledge but more about wisdom and life experiences. It's about those who possess the qualities and ability to make a difference to someone's life. It could be as simple as inspiring, making the right choices or as simply as being strong in situations of turmoil. I am blessed to have so many SMART women in my life and it made choosing one specific person quite difficult. 

Then it hit me, I knew who I wanted to share with you - my cousin 'Wid' - as a child growing up she was the elder sister I never had - The one I looked up to, the one I was always able to talk to and over the years she has been the one to guide me along the right path (she still does!). There's an 8 year age gap between us and when she was 14 she tragically lost both her mother and her brother within the space of 9 months - from a child I remember looking up to her, admiring her courage and her ability to remain strong despite the horrific time she was going through. There's something about her - she possesses a rare trait that's hard to find in people, a strength that I've never witnessed which somehow rubs off on you. 

Last year was a pretty tough year for Wid, she got diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember crying to her the day I found out, yet SHE still managed to shrug it off as if it was another obstacle she was going to overcome with a smile on her face. She defines SMART because her fearlessness and her strength shines through, she's wise and more importantly she's one of the most positive, uplifting people (without even realising it). It's true what they say bad things happen to good people and it saddens me when I think of all of Wids misfortunes but the reality is she's not let it change her, she's used it in a positive way, allowing it to mould her and make her a stronger, better & smarter woman. 

Wid is currently in good health and even better spirits - To me she is the defintion of SMART and I am so very fortunate to have her in my life! 

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What woman has impacted your life? 

Lots of Love

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Clinique via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Clinique.


  1. Wow, what an inspiring post Zara! Your cousin Wid sounds like such a strong person, I'm happy to see that she's in great health now! It's true that bad things happen to good people, like you said. The person I look up to most, is my mum. In my eyes she's a SMART women as well, she's been through so much and it never even came across her mind once to give up. She's been, and still is, such a great example for me. xoxo Savannah

  2. Wow Zara your cousin sounds like an incredible woman and it's no surprise you look up to her. In the face of adversity she has obviously remained gracious and grounded, which reflects on the people she has touched. Loved reading such a thought provoking piece. Lots of love to yourself and Wid xox

  3. Zara what an amazing uplifting post. You're right and it's been tested time and time again that bad things do happen to good people. My theory is that these good people are tested even more because they have this unbreakable strength that not many people have. With every challenge faced and overcome these good people appreciate and understand why it happened. If I were to pick anyone to be a SMART women it would hands down by my mom. She's got this pure heart that not many people have where she puts others first before herself despite with everything she's gone through in her life she's got this positive spirit about her which illuminates her but also makes everyone around her feel valued and appreciated.


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