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I like to think of myself as an avid traveller - I enjoy nothing more than exploring different cities, embarking on adventures, embracing new cultures and being able to create magical memories all over the world. When Visit California got in touch with me to share my California Big Dreams I knew writing this and rediscovering my love for the state would have me itching to go back! So let me take you on my Californian Adventure.

I couldn't tell you how much time it would take to do all the things I dream of doing in California. All I know is that it would include a fair bit of fitness, trips to many famous eateries, countless shopping sprees and of course endless photos opportunities. 


I'm a morning person and what better place to wake up than basking in the glorious sunshine of Los Angeles. California definitely strikes me as a health conscience state and me being a bit of a gym bunny my first stop would have to be the Soul Cycle Studio for a morning spin session (a favourite to many celebs including David Beckham) No doubt I'd work up a sweat and indeed quite an appetite! Food would follow and I'd head over to a Californian canteen favourite of mine Lemonade - I'd order the garlic broccoli and the sweet potato - the flavours together are incredible and just writing this my mouth is watering! Oh and of course I'd have to sip on their famous homemade lemonade

I see myself spending the afternoon driving around LA in a old school convertible it would be red and no doubt match my lipstick, the wind would be blowing through my hair and I would wear over sized sunglasses attempting to epitomising Hollywood GLAM - I'd head over to Beverley Hills (90210) and feel a sense of nostalgia surrounded by the area I grew up watching on my TV screen, that I had once dreamed of visiting. I'd continue with the glitz and glamour and end up at Anastasia's Beverly Hills Salon just off Santa Monica Blvd. getting pampered and groomed by the queen of eyebrows - A beauty junkies dream! 

I've always dreamed of ending an evening at NOBU in Malibu - eating sushi, sipping on cocktails whilst listening to the sound of the ocean. I can imagine admiring the view, so surreal I'd have to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. As the sun sets and sky darkens I see myself sitting under the stars on Malibu Beach appreciating the moment and cherishing the simplest things in life. 


My ideal second day in LA would start with Runyon Canyon Hike (although I highly doubt whether I'd make it to the top haha) with a bit of luck I'd get there in the end. Taken aback by LA beneath my feet, I'd sit in the sunshine and enjoy the moment, I'd maybe even snap a sweaty selfie with the Hollywood sign peeping over my shoulder. I'd probably spend the rest of my day in denim cut offs - a Cali fashion essential swanning around the farmers market picking up plenty of fresh goodness to eat, poking my nose in to all the cute and quaint shops. I'd casually continue shopping and head on over to The Grove which is conveniently located just  next door. Obviously I'd start my shopping at Sephora a haven for any make up addicts like my self. On the second Thursday of every month LA boasts an art walk I'd get involved, inspired and experience the local talent. Along the art walk I'd stroll in to some of my favourite vintage stores Buttons & Bowties and Flamingo Vintage, I'd end up picking up unique pieces that would remind me of my time in LA and I'd treasure them for years to come.


After spending the majority of my time in the hustle and bustle of LA I'd travel South to my happy place San Diego a city that instantly stole my heart the first time I visited. It's magical. I'd take a stroll around Bilbao Park and get lost in the beauty of nature, I'd stroll through the harbour watching the world go by and seeing the sun slowly set. Eventually I'd head on over to the 'historic heart' of San Diego the Gaslamp Quarter.

My list for California could go on and on.. I could tell you how I'd love to go to San Franaisco driving across the Golden Gate Bridge making a stop off at Cafe Jacqueline the late Steve Job's favourite restaurant, I'd indulge on a soufflĂ© that he loved so very much. My inner kid could take over and tell you how eager it is to go to Disney or Universal. The reality is anything is possible in California, you get lost in everything it has to offer - the beauty, the mystery and the adventure. 

Dreams become reality in California and In the words of Arnie "I'll be back!" Hopefully sooner, rather than later. 

What are your California Dreams?

Thanks to Visit California who have shortlisted me to take part in their #DreamBig Awards. 

Lots of Love 

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