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All Hail the Cellulite Saviours!


Let's face it Summer always has us feeling a little more skin concious (well it does me) and I always step up my anti cellulite regime when I know there's the possibility of flashing a little more skin. Cellulite is always one of those contraversial topics in the beauty world however these few products have made it in to my Summer body care regime.

Aromatherapy Associates - Body Brush
Obsessed. Yes I can't get enough of dry body brushing, it's perfect for improving circulation and smoothing out the skin. I use the Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush on all the wobbly bits before getting in to the shower, there's something so bittersweetly satisfying about dry body brushing! It's great for stimulating your lymphatic system, reducing toxins and of course it's a fabulous form of exfolaition.

Sisley - CellulInov
This is a product I have truly commit to over the last few weeks and already I feel a difference. This intensely, rich cream instantly leaves your skin feeling firmer and over the weeks has reduced the appearance of cellulite on my thighs. I absolutely adore the texture and the smell - It's so luxurious!

Mio - Shrink to Fit
I have really fell in love with the whole Mio range of body products. I'm not going to lie the Sisley is a bit of a splurge but the Mio Shrink to Fit really comes close in regards to effectiveness. I find this tightens the skin and has reduced my dimpling (Yeh I'm gona say it! #Keepingitreal) It's quite hard to massage into the skin but it's supposed to be so that you keep the circulation going when applying it.

Mio - The A Cream
If cellulite isn't too much of an issue but you generally want to feel firmer than the Activist is a great all rounder body cream. I love the texture, I must admit I'm not very dilligent when it comes to body creams - I hate feeling sticky and clammy once applying them - Most firming body creams are really rich but this has a lightweight texture but really penetrates well into the skin. This is great for dry skin as it boosts the elasticity of your skin - FYI it smells amazing and leaves your skin glowing.

I'm definitely trying to eliminate as much wobble as possible!
Do you guys use any cellulite creams/treatments?

Lots of Love


  1. Ok! so Sisley is out of bounds but I may push to get some Mio! Sounds pretty good! I think Mio is available on Cultbeauty?


  2. Seriously need to invest in that Shrink To Fit. I've been a little neglectful of my thighs recently so think I need to ramp up the TLC before I hit the beach ;o) x

  3. I just bought the Sunday Riley disrobe this weekend and have been using it with high hopes!!!! Now I want to try these too


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