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I picked up this make up bag in H&M while I was in the queue waiting to pay, is it me or does that always happen? tell me I'm not the only one who gets drawn in to unnecessary purchases at the checkout? Nevertheless I thought it would be the perfect prop for a 4 Week Blog Series - The ... Rescue Kit. With Glastonbury going down this weekend, what better way to kick things off than with the festival edition


Yes To - Cucumbers Facial Wipes
I'm not a make up wipe kinda girl - I just can't do it! I feel like I have to physically wash away the day, BUT in some situations this isn't always possible. I really like the Yes to Cucumber facial wipes, I usually travel with these because they are great for removing make up and refreshing the skin. I have quite sensitive skin and facial wipes usually sting, these are fab because they are hypoallergenic - Calmingcooling and great for on the go! 

Embyrolisse - Lait Creme Concentre
This is a reason why I love Birchbox so much - The miniature, sample size products are ideal for testing new things but even better for travelling or carrying around when space is an issue. This teeny Embryolisse moisturiser is hydrating and suited for all skin types. 

Skyn Iceland - Arctic Face Mist 
Everyone needs a facial sprtiz in their life and this one by Skyn is the ideal size and the packaging is perfect. An essential for keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day (and night!).

The Body Shop - All-In-One BB Cream 
Let's face it's all about minimal fuss make up  and more about having a good time! This BB Cream from The Body Shop is amazing! It transforms from a white cream and adapts to your skin tone. It smooths out the skin so nicely giving you even coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin. 

The Body Shop - Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder
A bronzer and a brush? It's a no brainer! I love the colour of this bronzer, I'd say it's pretty universal and can be built up so nicely without looking muddy. It has a soft shimmer which catches the light so nicely. Warm up the skin and get glowing! 

Urban Decay - All Nighter Liner 
Who's got time for anything more than a bit of liner and mascara? The All Nighter liner from Urban Decay is the ultimate, long lasting eyeliner. It's a soft, creamy texture in a retractable pencil - It can be used to simply on the water line or more boldly to create that feline flick. 

Maybelline - Big Eyes Mascara
We like lots of lashes and Maybelline Big Eyes is another drugstore mascara I'm loving right now. It has a nice chunky brush for the top lashes and a smaller, nifty brush to catch those little lower lashes. Using this instantly opens out my eyes add a little liner ET VOILA! 

Rimmel - Colour Rush Balm 'On Fire' (600)
I couldn't cope without a bit of colour so the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in is the easiest option, the texture of these are dreamy - hydrating and comforting on the lips, and incredibly pigmented too! 'On Fire' such a vibrant, show stopping red! 

Maybelline - Baby Lips 'Peach Kiss'
We all need lip balm and Baby Lips was my pick - hydrating on the lips, easy to apply and a hint of colour! What more could a girl need?

Philip Kingsley - One More Day Dry Shampoo
I don't real do dry shampoo, but one I occasionally reach for is the Philip Kingsley one! It doesn't have that white residue nor does it feel heavy in the hair. It adds instant volume and leaves your hair looking fresh - dry shampoo is defintely a festival essential! 

If you're anything like me you'll end up loosing things so I tried to keep the contents of my rescue kit from the drug store! It would break my heart if I took my favourite Tom Ford lippy and ended up loosing it - haha! Let's limit the risks ay!?

What would be in your festival rescue kit? Are any of you heading to any festivals this Summer? Stay safe if you are! 

OMG How could I forget! A floral crown is my number 1 festival MUST HAVE! 

Lots of Love


  1. I always do the same at H&M while waiting in the line ! Been loving your blog for years Zara ! hope your feeling better :) x

  2. hi what shade do u use in your body shop bb cream?

  3. Great post! I'd love to hear how the UD All Nighter Liner compares to their 24/7 liner. Could you maybe do a post comparing the two?

    Alexandra //

  4. These kits are such a great idea and it's a great way to prevent bringing unnecessary things with you!

    Saskiana (Fashion & Beauty Blog)


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