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Detoxing or should I say TEAToxing? With Your Tea!


With health being my main focus at the moment it's no surprise that I've put clean eating and general well being at the top of my priorities. I decided to embark on a Your Tea TEAtox journey in an attempt to detoxify my body and cleanse my system of all the medication that has been consuming me for the last month. 


I first read about Your Tea on my girl Lydia's blog and I was keen to give it a go - She's the ultimate fitness babe and if she doesn't inspire you with her motivation and healthy lifestyle, I don't know what will!? I am always a little skeptical about diet teas or teas that claim to help you loose weight so I was eager to give this a go - After only a week of using the Your Tea Tiny Tea  I can say I'm majorly impressed. I have gone off caffeine in the last few weeks and Tiny Tea has been perfect replacement. The taste is light, not heavily flavoured and feels like any herbal tea so drinking this has been quite refreshing, if you're not an avid tea drinker I suggest squeezing in a little lemon. You're meant to take the tea 30 minutes prior to eating and I've found is that drinking this reduces bloating and that feeling of fullness. It's a gentle detox so I'm going to be real and say it's not the kind of tea that has you running in desperation for the nearest loo - Instead it generally helps to keep things moving. I have already noticed a difference in bloating especially as I was on steroids which caused me to swell and bloat excessively. I opted for the 28 Day TEAtox and already I am loving the results I am already seeing. The great thing with the TEAtox plan is that you don't have to change your current eating habits, obviously it will work more effectively if you are eating well but each to their own!? 

Snce drinking the TinyTea I have also noticed that I have more energy which is something that has been greatly lacking over the last few weeks. Drinking Tiny Tea leaves me feeling energised and most importantly a lot lighter, I will keep you posted on my progress but for now I can't recommend it enough, who said it's too late for that Summer bod?

Check out the Your Tea website HERE, they do a selection of organic blended teas depending on your concerns. They also have some great eating plans and recipes! 

I'm currently on week two of my TEATox and feeling fab! 

Have any of you tried a Tea Tox?

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Lots of Love

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