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The Ultimate At Home Spa Experience with Rituals



Rituals is one of those brands that always get me happy *Insert relevant Pharrell lyrics* The products have such a feel good factor and somehow always leave me feeling uplifted. When this beautiful selection of hand picked products and personalised photo frame arrived on my desk I couldn't wait to see what their latest Ayurveda Collection had in store - let me just say it's the ultimate at home spa experience!

The Ayurveda collection celebrates an Ancient Indian philosophy on restoring inner peace and harmony. The scent throughout the collection is floral mainly from Indian Rose and sweet (Honey & Almond Oil) but somehow not over powering. 

Shanti Shower - Shower Oil
I am most definitely a shower kinda girl and the shower oil's from Rituals are absolutely incredible. They are feel silky on the skin and lather up lightly under water because they are an oil they keep your skin hydrated for hours after. 

Honey Touch - Body Cream
Last Summer I was absolutely obsessed with The Touch of Happiness Body Butter, it's so rich and creamy in texture and adds moisture without leaving the skin sticky. This smells divine! 

Shanti Chakra - Body Oil
My obsession with oil continues, whether it's for my face, my hair or like this one - my body I just love the feel against my skin. This one is nourishing and easy to use because of the spray (I love spray oils!). I also love the size of this oil it will be great to travel with.

Chakra Water - Bed & Body Mist
By far my favourite product from Rituals, I have problems sleeping and can't express how much these have helped me at night. I spritz my sheets just before going to bed and I've found these mists calm and relax me  - This one smells so heavenly and sends me in to a sweet slumber

Check out more of the Ayurveda collection HERE


Also how lovely is this personalised frame? can't wait to put this up in my office!

Have any of you tried anything from Rituals? Can't recommend their products enough, especially for that feel good factor

Lots of Love

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