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MouldyMoments | Weekly Vlog #1


I decided to jump on the weekly vlog bandwagon - I don't know if I will be something I stick with but who knows! I've loved watching weekly vlogs lately so I felt like filming one myself.

The camera quality isn't great - I used a Panasonic digi cam, I wanted to get myself accustomed to filming and didn't want to lug around a heavy camera. The next one will defo be better quality! 

Hope you enjoyed little snippets of my week. 

Please let me know what you think, I was a little nervous about uploading! 

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Lots of Love


  1. Loved the weekly vlog post and couldn't agree more on the Mauritian Standard Time of leaving late. We've adopted the saying Canadian Mauritian Standard Time (CMST). Keep posting vlogs =)

  2. Hi Zara,

    Loved the weekly vlog!!!!!! I couldn't agree more on the Mauritian Standard Time. I've adopted the acronym of CMST (Canadian Mauritian Standard TIme) lol. Continue making the vlogs. Love watching them here in Canada =)

  3. Which restaurat did you and your friend go to?😊😊....the food looks amazing. Is it in Angel?. And that beautiful hotel where was that?


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