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I think of you lot as my friends so sharing things I'm loving/buying is always so natural. 

I always love to seek my friends approval or simply express my excitement over new purchases. I've been buying things over the last few weeks and I decided to film a haul video. This is something I rarely do but I picked up some nice bits which I couldn't resist sharing with you. I LOVE to watch hauls, it always gets me in the mood to shop (not that I need to be in the mood!) BUT I love seeing other people buy! If you want to see me chit chat through my recent purchases then be sure to check out the video, it's mainly fashion and of course you know I had to throw in a few make up purchases in there! (Hint, Hint Duty Free and Sephora!)

Be sure to open in YouTube to see where everythings from! 

Lots of Love

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