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Smelling like Summer with Sisley



It's certainly smelling like Summer with Sisley's latest 'Eau Tropicale' fragrance.

Fragrance is one of those things that can instantly enhance your mood and I love nothing more than uplifting, light scents that suit my happier mood in the brighter days. It's a fresh, zesty fragrance with a sexy, sultry undertone. It's very tropical and instantly feels exotic when you spritz it on your skin. 

Top notes - Hibiscus, passionflower and frangipani. 

Base notes - Patchouli, cedar and amber. 

The scent is inspired by the tropical forest after the storm. I love how well it sits on my skin and it lasts throughout the day. Eau Tropicale starts off quite pungent but softens and lingers sweetly

Check out Sisley's Eau Tropicale HERE. I have so much love for Sisley's fragrances, I adore wearing Eau de Lune in the colder, darker months it reminds me of Winter in Paris, it's perfection. 

What are you currently spritzing?

Lots of Love

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