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Sephora Sale?! SAY WHAT..



Hello honeys! Remember me!? it's been a minute - I'm back with you this week and although I'm still sniffling away I have so much to share - I've missed you!  I feel like I haven't spoken to you lot in ages and Barcelona seems like it was forever ago. If you follow me on Twitter you may have whitnessed my excitement when I was in Sephora, Barcelona and they had a sale on lipsticks - UH OH!  

I went HAM! 

..Well not as HAM as I could have but I did purchase 6 lipsticks - EEK! I love Sephora's own brand, I think it's so underrated! If you have regularly read/watched me you will know I absolutely adore the Sephora Creamy Lip Stains - They are long lasting, come in gorgeous colours and by far are the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. No surprise I picked up a back up of one of my favourite shades 'Strawberry Kissed' which is such a gorgeous raspberry tone. 

Anyways this post isn't about the Lip Stains.. (See how I get carried away with them!?) 

On to the lipsticks.. 

I first purchased the Color Lip Lasts when I was living in Paris and I immediately fell in love, let me just say these are TO DIE FOR. The texture is instantly smooth and creamy to apply - within seconds they mattify to such a gorgeous, velvet texture which is extremely similar to the lip stains. These lip sticks last all day on the lips and come in an array of amazing colours. 

At 6 euros on sale as opposed to the regular 12 euros - It was a no brainer I had to pick up some for me and a few for some friends! I got completely confused and had no idea what colours to pick but this is the lot I went for. 

Brown is Back! - (04) Pink based, light brown. 


Orange Rocks - (16) Orange based, red.


All You Need is Red (18) - Coral based, red.


Elegant Brown (23) - Deep Mauve.


The Sephora Color Lip Last are definitely going to be my GO-TO lip products over the Spring! ADORE.. 

Check them out HERE 

Also did you guys know Sephora now ships to the UK - WOO WOO! 

Lots of Love


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