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NARS is ALWAYS a Necessity!



Let me just say NARS is always a Necessity!

It's funny how I can always justify make up as a necessity and this is exactly what I did with this lot - Did I need it? NO, I mean YES, I mean NO - But did I want it!? Well that's a different question.. 

I'm not the best at shopping for clothes, I forever have a complex that nothing looks good on me therefore I always opt for make up, because surely that can only enhance and make me feel better? SO after being ill I decided it was time for a treat and I picked up a few things from NARS. 

NARS Bronzer in Laguna


The cult classic of all bronzers, I know you may think I'm late on the bandwagon but let me just correct you - I never picked 'Laguna' because I was always so in love with 'Casino' - It's a richer, warmer bronzed tone and works so much better with my skin tone, it's the ideal colour to contour with and I will forever love it and continue to re purchase it. The reason I decided to add a 'Laguna' to my collection was because I wanted a bronzer that would be just slightly warmer than my skin tone so I could use it as an all over powder. My face has been lacking in colour and looking somewhat, grey? lately.. I'm not sure if it's because I've been run down? Anyways, I decided Laguna would be a great, soft bronze to sweep over my skin for that perfect sun kissed look and that is EXACTLY what I intend on doing. 

Casino to Contour, Laguna to Liven things up! 

In general Laguna is a fantastic shade to really enhance the natural contours of the skin, it suits so many complexions and can be built up effortlessly without that muddy, overly orange finish - 


NARS Eye Paint in Ubangi 


O-M-G The colour! There used to be a time circa 2009 when I was OBSESSED, obsessed I tell you! With Midnight Blue Eyeliner, I used to use MAC's Liquidlast (Now discontinued) in a very similar shade and I absolutely adored it.  I'm always mesmerised by the depth of this gorgeous, deep, intense blue it really makes the brown of my eyes pop. This eye paint by NARS is TDF (To Die For) I can't wait to rock this in my daily make up routine. There are so many ways it can be used - As a liner, smudged in to the lash line, as a colour all over the lid - The possibilities are endless and I'm actually considering doing a post on 3 ways to wear this? 

What do you think?

NARS Angled Eyeliner Brush #38 


Did I need it? For sure I didn't - But as soon as I swept my fingers across the bristles, I knew I had to have it - i'm really fussy when it comes to angled brushes, they have to be the right density combined with the right softness - This was definitely the best of both, so totally a no brainer

So there you have a few of my latest NARS necessities! No doubt you will see them in #FridayFaceOffs/YT Videos, so keep your eyes peeled. 

What are you favourite NARS products? Have any of you tried these?

Lots of Love


  1. Hope you're a lot better now Zara! I am deeper toned than you and I love the Laguna for a natural glow...I haven't tried casino, might have to check it out xxx

  2. hi Zara
    OMG I just totally hit pan on my laguna bronzer! I am your skin tone and I love love love it for winter months when I'm pale and Grey and dead looking as well as for the summer when I haven't had that tanned look yet as a slight contour under my blush. It's definitely one of the bronzers I always reach for! OMG you have to check out the gel liners by ingot! They're in a little pot like that one but they are so pigmented and they go one semi wet which is weird since they're in a pot right? But it dries beautifully!

  3. I'm exactly the same. Shopping for clothes is never as satisfying as shopping for makeup!!!

  4. I've never tried a product from Nars before #bloggerconfession :P I do like the look of the eye paint. Such a gorgeous colour X

  5. Longtime browser, first time replying... I'm medium sort of neutral toned and loved Laguna as a bronzer. What I didn't love was how fast I hit the bottom of the pan. I want to love Albatross but it always looks muddy on me, I can't figure out why (I use the MAC 131 brush with it). My fave NARS product is And God Created the Woman eyeshadow palette.

  6. Casino is on my "I cannot live without.." list. Its just amazing.
    And I agree with your when clothes don't get it right makeup always does reasoning. I employ it waaay too often myself.

  7. i've never tried casino..i am a medium to tan skintone so will check tht out!

  8. That eyeliner looks soo nice!

  9. I wish you had swatched instead of taking pictures of the products. I feel like I have been teased.

  10. You, darling, are a fellow Narsissist! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You, like I and many other women - have this obsession with hoarding make-up. I love the NARS Casino as well. (I'm Middle Eastern and have similar complexion and hair color as you, so what suits you suits me!) I've been a long-time reader and follower of your blog, and I love your posts. I've just begun blogging again but it isn't as much as I would like (full-time student plus work makes it tough.) Keep it up, doll. xx


  11. I'm sort of your skin tone, but I don't actually know how to use bronzed on our skin tones


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