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In Transit with This Works



I'm sure you lot know by now how much of an avid traveller I am, I'm always on the go and I love nothing more than exploring new countries and cultures. Despite travelling so frequently, I am the World's worst packer (Is that even a word?!) I don't know what it is about it but I always find myself packing in a state of anxiety? Why? I will never know! 

This Works was one of my favourite brand discoveries of the last year, I'm sure you have heard me rave about their Deep Sleep range on numerous occasions. This May they are adding to their 'in transit' range, which are the perfect products to travel with. They are miniature in size - 100ml or less, which are especially great to 'Carry On'

The body lotion is gorgeous in texture, it instantly hydrates the skin and absorbs so well without leaving that greasy, sticky feeling - instead it's firming and nourishing. The scent is uplifting, fresh and really gets you in the mood for Summer holidays. It also has lavender in it which is ideal to rebalance and relax

Everyone needs a facial spritz in their life and this one is ideal for carrying on to the plane, it immediately rehydrates your skin and leaves your face feeling refreshed. It's also perfect for popping into your handbag on a daily basis - the size is definitely purse friendly

These mini's are definitely going to be firmly nestled in my travel bag, awaiting my next adventure

The in transit range is quite extensive and there are some fab products in the line -  you can check it out HERE

Have any of you tired the this works range? These two launch on the 5th May! 

Lots of Love


  1. oo exciting, can't wait to see these when they are launched. Ill keep an eye out. Thanks hun xx

    Anna-Maria |

  2. I've really wanted to try this brand, thanks for the heads up on these products :3

  3. I've always wanted to try!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, the winner gets to choose their own MAC lipstick shade! x

    The Beauty Drawer


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