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#FridayFaceOff 11 - (Fail!)



I'm not going to lie, it's a bit of #FridayFaceOff FAIL - Well it has been all week and I feel terrible because I'd got in to such a great daily blogging routine but this week I've been so unwell - It started off with me feeling a little run down (Physically/Emotionally) then turned into a full blown cold/tonsilitis flex - UGH! I will forever hate my immune system.. so apologies for the lack posts this week I'll do it double next week, as I have SO much to share and I've missed you all! For this Friday's post, it's all about the products that have been my saviour in this week of sickness! 

Many of these products have been featured on MouldyFruit before but trust me when I say these have been absolute God-Sends this week. I've not worn make up this week, I mean I've not even been able to make it out of bed! Today was the first day this week, that I got up and actually opened my laptop. I had posts half written and ready to upload but I was just so out of it, I had to just disconnect. 

My skin is always so dry and dehydrated when I'm unwell and it's literally been drinking up most of these products. The Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil is something I have been continuously applying, my skin feels dry and flak - so I've been using this to keep it as hydrated as possible. Hope in a Jar Night by Philosophy is a rich, thick, retexturizing cream and I've been applying this generously overnight. During the day my skin has been so sensitive and irritable the only thing calming it down is Chantecaille's Flower Harmozing Cream, I've been so down as a result of being sick and this luxurious cream was the perfect pick me up. Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream has been nestled comfortably in my dressing gown pocket, I've been applying thick layers of this to my lips and the skin around my nose which is now peeling (UGH! SO (UN)attractive). My lips have the tendency to crack so much more when I'm sick and NUXE's Reve de Miel is one of my favourites - It's intensely hydrating and lightly exfoliating. This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil is something I've been rubbing all over my chest at night, it's helped me relax and has also helped my breathing. Let's face it no one wants to smell like a sick person and even though I have lost all sense of smell this calming Yin Bed and Body Mist by Rituals has left myself and my sheets smelling light and fresh.

Apologies again for no normal #FRIDAYFACEOFF  I'm hoping to feel better over the weekend and back to normal posting by next week. 

 I hope you  guys had a better week than me? Hope you have a fabulous weekend. 

Lots of Love


  1. Hope you're better now! Get well soon x

  2. Thanks for sharing this post....hope you're starting to feel better. Hope you have a great weekend. =0D

  3. Aww hope you get better soon!!
    Afeeyah xo

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