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Everyday Essentials #12 - My Go-To Eye Make Up Remover


Everyday Essentials! Ahh I missed it last week I was just too unwell and lacking in energy - this week I'm slowly getting better and wanted to share my appreciation for a fab product, which I pretty much use on a daily basis. 

The Body Shop's Camomile Eye Make Up Remover has been my go-to eye make up remover for the last six months or so and I thought it was time I gave it some blog loving. This is definitely one those products I use that is so underrated and never gets spoken about - SO here it is! Obviously you guys know I love my eye make up and in particular I adore products that are long lasting - BUT there are times where my cleansers don't quite cut it in regards to removing my eye make up and that's where this badboy comes into play. I like most people have relatively sensitive eyes and I find this is perfect as it's gentle but effective enough at removing all traces of eye make up - I'm talking liquid liner and waterproof mascara. Considering I use this so frequently it's lasted for ages!

Best of all..It doesn't break the bank! 

What are your favourite eye make up removers?
You can check out The Body Shop's Camomile Eye Make Up Remover HERE

Lots of Love


  1. this looks like a great makeup remover i have never used body shop makeup remover before i normally use Clinique. xx

    Anna-Maria |

  2. I love this range, I think I need this for my stubborn waterproof mascaras to save rubbing my eyeballs out with my usually makeup removers!



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