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A Rainbow of Topshop Nails



Apologies for the lack of post over the last few days my wifi here in Barcelona has been limited and for some reason my laptop will not cooperate! You can expect double posts over the next few days. This evening I bring you another selection of rather colourful nail polishes from Topshop.

This rainbow has been gracing my fingertips since Friday, it's now Wednesday - It hasn't chipped at all, the only thing which makes it a little untidy is the growth of my nails. These colours are fun, fabulous and remind me why I love Topshop nail polishes so much. 


Bee's Knees  - Bright Pastel Yellow
Milkshake  - Baby Pink 
Boy Next Door  - Baby Blue
Occupational Therapy  - Lavender/Lilac
Blanc  - Off White/Hint of Yellow

These nail polishes really add a little bit of sunshine to your life! To be fair they've fit in so well with my trip to the ever so colourful city of Barcelona. 


The consistency of these nail polishes is amazing and the finish is super glossy and they last on the nails for days! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 

I don't know if any of your are Dexter fans (No, not laboratory!) but these remind me of the infamous ice truck killer and 'The Hand' if you know then you know haha.. 

Hope you are well, be sure to check out Topshop nails HERE

Lots of Love 


  1. I don't know which one I like the most. All are such pretty colours :) X

  2. Lovely colours! Gotta pick up a few of these for springtime :)

  3. These look so beautiful, I've love these colours. Now i want all of them.. the consistency looks good aswel. xx

    Anna-Maria |

  4. Nice collection. I love nail polish so much. specially red color. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Lovely spring summer shades, i quite like Topshop polishes x

  6. Beautiful colours I must say. I was wondering if you have any tip for smooth cuticles.... Mine are such a mess and I always feel so embarrassed.

  7. Haha at Dexter..loved that program..and defo reminded me!


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