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A Guide to MAC Primers


Over the years I've accumulated quite a few MAC base/priming products and I've got to know them quite well. I thought I would shed some light on some of my favourites and when I decide to use them.  

This was probably one of the first base products I purchased from MAC and I instantly fell in love with it. This product has a gorgeous iridescent finish which leaves your skin appearing dewy and radiant. The cream is a little thicker in consistency whereas the liquid is much lighter and probably better suited to an oily complexion. What I adore about Strobe cream is that there are numerous uses for it and you know how much I love multi purpose products. Use it to prime the skin, mix it in with your foundation or simply use it to finish the skin as a highlighter. It immediately adds light, brightness and transforms dull, tired looking skin. 

If you want a minimal fuss primer that creates a barrier in between your skin and foundation this is fabulous at doing that.  It's a colourless, lightweight texture that smooths out the skin prior to application of foundation. It grips your make up so well and ensures the longevity of your make up throughout the day. 

This is a relatively recent addition to my MAC Prep + Prime collection. I adore the lightweight, gel consistency of this product, it also adds hydration which is ideal for my skin which is often dry. It sits so well on the skin enhancing the natural undertone of your skin encouraging radiance. The yellow is perfect for my complexion and suited for warmer/olive skin tones. It also comes in a Radiant Pink for pink undertones. If you dislike layering products (like most of us) this is perfect as it feels featherweight on the skin. 

This has honestly become a Holy Grail product when it comes to my daily make up routine. I use this once I've applied my foundation and concentrate the product under my eyes. The pen like applicator makes it quick and easy to use. It instantly adds noticeable brightness and detracts from dark circles which is a complete GOD SEND. Since using this I don't always require concealer and if I do it's usually very minimal

You may have heard me rave about this product HERE. I still can't express how much I love this product. It's a richer, creamy consistency that smooths out the skin so flawlessly. I use this in the shade Peachy Beige which adjusts and corrects the colour of your skin tone. I suffer from quite a lot of redness and I find using this product allows me to create an even base to work with. If you prefer minimum coverage you can simply use this product alone or as I like to, under my foundation. Since using this I require less foundation to perfect my skin. This is the ideal priming product for dealing with uneven skin tone/pigmentation. 

I usually pick my primer depending on my skin and based on what it may be lacking or requiring on the day. These are some of my most reached for MAC base products. 

Have you tried any of these? 

Lots of Love


  1. This is so helpful thank you! I use the Mac prep and prime skin base but thinking I may try one of the others now! Xx

  2. Great little run down of products Zara! I get so confused with what's on offer sometimes. There is just so much and I'm always afraid of spending money on something and then hating it! That Prep and Prime highlighter sounds delightful. Think it would sit very nicely in my little makeup routine ;)



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