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A Drugstore Dupe? Ft. Barry M - Rose Hip



A drugstore dupe? I don't often do these but when I tried out Barry M's Rose Hip I knew I had to! I was in Superdrug last Friday with my beloved Laura and while she was getting a little carried away in the isles of make up I convinced myself I didn't need anything. When I spot this nail polish I fell in love, I decided not to buy it because let's face it my nail polish collection is already out of control but Laura ended up getting for me and BOY am I glad she did. 


Rose Hip is one of the newer shades from Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine collection and I have to say it's dreamy - The colour is the perfect milky pink and this is by far my favourite colour to paint my nails. As soon as I applied it I knew it reminded me of Essie's Fiji with a touch of OPI's Mod About You - Both of these nail polishes are HOLY GRAILS in my collection and probably the only two nail polishes I have EVER repurchased. I remember when I first discovered OPI's Mod About You and it was actually all thanks to Laura back in her Lollipop26 days, way before MouldyFruit ever existed. So the fact that Rose Hip is now gracing my finger tips - I guess it's love to Laura all around


The colour is gorgeous, it's opaque and has a beautiful high shine finish - No top coat necessary! YAY. The consistency is great and two coats is enough for even application. 


So if you are looking for a drugstore dupe for Fiji or Mod About You, I can't recommend Barry M's Rose Hip enough - C'est Parfait!

Have any of you tried this? Currently 3 for 2 in Superdrug eek!  

Lots of Love


  1. Beautiful shade. I love Barry M, I need to pick this up x

  2. Mmmmm reminds me of ice cream! Yum!


    1. I know it's that perfect pastel shade! Like Strawberry Mini Milks.. mmm..x

  3. Beautiful! You should try OPI the way tutu his heart

  4. hey Zara, you might want to revise the last paragraph you wrote: "So if you are looking for a drugstore dupe for Fiji or Mod About You, I can't recommend Barry M's Rose Hip"

    so do you recommend it or not? hahaha xxx

    1. haha I missed out ENOUGH! I can't recommend it enough :P Thanks love.. I'm defo too tired tonight, think that's a sign to go to bed x

  5. oh i love the barry m one in the picture where all 3 are layed together!

  6. I love Fiji, one of my favs, Will try Barry M when my essie one runs out. thanks for sharing


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