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Seche Restore - Save Your Seche!



For those of you who use Seche Vite will probably understand why so many people have such a love/hate relationship with it. 

It's by far the BEST top coat I've ever used - I mean come on! Quick dry, salon glossy nails in an instant? I'm impatient, I hate waiting especially when it comes to my nails, so for me it's the perfect product. It's NOT all good though, let's discuss the other side - it has the tendency to peel, it smells slightly toxic (HAHA)  and it becomes thick/gloopy before you'd even consider acceptable. 

I always have a slight predicament when it comes to repurchasing Seche Vite, I always feel like my bottle is still too full which makes me frustrated because it feels like wasted product. I noticed the Seche Restore years ago and I thought it was just another gimmick. I mean why should I even have to buy a product that fixes the original product? Surely they should just improve the original! SO yesterday I gave in and decided I would put it to the test. 

You add a few drops of the Seche Restore to your original Seche Vite and apparently it doesn't thin the top coat but more importantly replaces a key ingredient? Hmm. You then roll the bottle et voila - Like NEW

Even though I was reluctant to purchase it, it does make sense - a few drops saves your Seche. I always have quite a full bottle left when it becomes thick and gloopy so this really was worth it. It also means when it happens again I can save the day.

Are you Seche lovers? Have any of you stood there debating whether to buy the top coat or the Restore to fix your original - it always happens to me! Haha 

Check out  Seche Restore HERE

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  1. I love this topcoat but i cant be bothered to pay the price tag when you have to add an additional thing to it! It should just be formulated to keep moist right? xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  2. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Seche Vite. Just like you, I love the results it gives, but hate when it gets all gloopy, all while the bottle it still half full.

    I had a hallelujah moment when I discovered the Seche Restore, but figuring out how to use it was a pain. It wasn't just; add a few drops of Seche Restore in the Seche Vite bottle, roll the bottle a few times and voilá.


    It was add a few drops, roll, add more drops, roll, add even more drops, roll, get really annoyed, add a LOOOT more drops and roll. Nothing happened. So, I used a toothpick to mix, and that's when I started to see the Seche Vite getting less gloopier. Then I had to wait until the next day to see it in its non-gloopy state again. It was tedious to say the least, but was it worth it? nails looked pretty again ;)

  3. this is the only way i can keep my seche alive with a thinner!!

  4. I cant live without the Seche Restore, my Seche Vite is basically redundant without it. Seeing as it goes thick very fast.

  5. It's expensive my Seche lasts a long time. It's worth it!

  6. because seche vite contains all of those "bad" ingredients that most polishes have since removed (3-free or 5-free formulas), then peeling results when you layer the two. if sheche vite ever removes the toluene, at least, then i'll repurchase.

  7. I have never tried this but I have heard so much about it. Some are good and some are not. I guess I have to try it out and see for myself why.

  8. I didn't even know this existed, but I NEED it! I cannot cope with a Seche-less mani, but it does drive me nuts. x

  9. I just use a nail polish liquid thinner $2.79 at Sally's. It does the job.

  10. It's annoying that you have to buy the extra product, but the finish that the top coat gives my nails is more than worth buying the restore product (in my eyes, anyway). nice post :)


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