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Loving/Wearing - Timberland Boots



The best kind of presents are those that are TO YOU, FROM YOU - I mean let's face it, there's no room to get it wrong! 


I bought these Timberland Boots back in November as a Birthday present to myself. Luckily I was in NYC at the time and managed to get them substantially cheaper because of the $-£ conversion.  Believe it or not? before this week I'd not had the opportunity to wear them (I KNOW!) Let me justify this..

London = Ridiculous amounts of rain 
Sand, Seuede Boots X Rain = The worst combo, like, EVER! 

On each occasion I attempted to wear these boots, the minute I'd tied the laces and headed for the door, it began to POUR! With that being said, this week was a complete turn around blue skies & sunshine (Finally) so what better time to break in these BADBOYS! 

As a kid I'd always wanted Tim's instead I was fobbed off with the cheaper alternatives, now don't get me wrong I loved my CAT's but there's something about Tim's that's just so much cooler. This week I have been living in them and loving them.  I've realised, I'm actually quite boyish and boring when it comes to style - Oh well I guess my make up over compensates for it! Nevertheless I can't wait to get some serious wear out of these over Spring. FYI these so comfortable to walk in, don't get me wrong you have to go through a moulding process but once you overcome that they fit like a glove. 


Part of me wishes I'd bought the black Tims but I knew I'd regret not getting the classic, sand ones and I am so glad I did. I've been enjoying wearing them with light blue denim - I am so Spring ready!

What have you been Loving/Wearing lately?

Lots of Love


  1. I love these can buy sprays to protect them....thats what did to mine.

  2. I really want to buy these! They have been on my wishlist for ever :)

    Berrie-Blogs | Beauty Blog x

  3. You can never go wrong with Tims, I have a Pink pair and adobe them :) good choice. :) xx

    Anna-Maria |

  4. I had some black ones years ago. I was in love when I accidentally stepped in a puddle and my foot did not get wet!

  5. I loved to wear Timberland boots. They are very light and also very comfortable to wear. I loved this blog also. I bookmark this site. I keep visiting your site.

  6. I can't wait for mine. Just ordered some yesterday. Finally bought it. I've always wanted timberland. Never really got round to it until yesterday. Got to own one of these in your life time.


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