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Loving/Wearing - Laced Up Booties



For the longest time I can remember I've been obsessed with laced up heels, I don't know what it is about them - I just love them. I picked these booties up from H&M this week, they were such a bargain at £24.99.

I love the chunky heel and platform and they are surprisingly comfortable (which I don't usually find with H&M shoes) These booties remind me of a pair I bought YEARS ago from Office which I've worn to death. I love how these can be worn with whatever and can instantly add a little edge to an outfit. Whether I wear these with jeans or a skirt, they give me that extra height which we all know I am lacking in! I am actually rocking these right now as I head out for a night in Barcelona! 

What kind of heels do you guys like? 

Lots of Love 


  1. I love my black booties! They don't have as much lacing as yours but they have the same sort of effect- they totally go with everything

  2. There's an amazing pair of lace up heels from Zara that I've seen quite a lot of people post online but I can never find them when I go into the store :( This could definitely be an alternative for me X

  3. I's love to get my hands on some nice lace booties! x

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  4. Brought some chunky heel boots from Topshop only on Saturday, now you have posted a picture of these; I WANT! I guess you can never have too many pairs of shoes! Lovely post, will defo check out H&M for these beauties.


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