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Loving/Wearing - Hats



You know there's more to me than my love for make up and I want to be able to share them with you on MouldyFruit. Whether this becomes a frequent thing or not I thought I might include the occasional Loving/Wearing post and today I wanted to share my absolute obsession with hats. 

I've been wearing hats all my life, I've been told I have a hat head - whatever that means! This winter in particular, I have spent most of the colder months hiding under a hat, it's not always a style choice but more about practicality. Whether I'm hiding a bad hair day, dodging the rain or I'm attempting to to look cool - I do love a good hat

This is one of my favourites, it's an inexpensive trilby I picked up from H&M a few years ago, I love the way it fits my head without it looking too tall if you catch my drift? I don't like it when hats stand up too much! 

Here are some hats I currently have my eye on! 

Do you rock hats? If so what kind? 

Lots of Love 


  1. I'm a hat girl too...there's another reason to wearing hair is slightly frizzy/curly and I find wearing hats seems to *straighten my hair!

  2. I'm definitely a hat girl too. I always chuck on a beanie if I'm having a bad hair day :) X


  3. I love hats! It's just the finding one that suits the problem

    SNJ |


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