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Everyday Essentials #8 - The Must Have Mascara


It's rare that I buy the same mascara twice, I mean it happens but NOT often! I'm always looking for the next best thing - bigger & better with the perfect balance of lengthening/volumising. I actually can't remember the last time I repurchased a mascara! A few weeks back however, I was flicking through random photos and came across a picture from last year. I couldn't believe how amazing my lashes looked, I was like DAMN what mascara was that! (Trust me I'm not one to blow my own trumpet but I really noticed how much my lashes stood out) - Luckily for me I had blogged all the details.. low and behold - GOSH's Boombastic Mascara


I NEVER like mascaras when I first try them, they just don't feel right! But OH BOY, applying this mascara for the first time (this time around) was like a dream come true. I'm also not one for a plastic, comb bristle brush - however this one works wonders, It really allows you to lengthen, seperate and volumise your lashes.

Now mascara is an everyday essential without a doubt and this one is by far my favourite, quite possibly my my favourite drugstore product all together. I mean seriously it's defining, it's dramatic and it really is BOOMBASTIC. I really try to avoid calling this mascara by it's name because once I type it I can't help but sing that awfully catchy Shaggy - Mr.Boombastic song! Name aside, this mascara I can't recommend enough!

FYII know I do have long lashes but I did my friends make up last night, applied this on her and it looked as if she was wearing falsies. 

Have any of you tried this? Are you with me?

Lots of Love 


  1. sadly for me no Gosh here in Spain :( I might have to hunt this down on ebay or something!

  2. Without fail I ALWAYS take a massive disliking to any mascara upon first application. It usually takes me a good while to really like one. I'm currently loving Volume Million Lashes by L'Oreal. Amazing! X

  3. I haven't used a GOSH product for quiet some time as I tend to shop in Boots more than I do Superdrug, however after this post i'm definitley going straight to the Gosh stand. This mascara looks right up my street and your lashes look beautiful.
    Love, Belle

  4. I love the look of this! Your lashes look amazing xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  5. I have never really looked at GOSH's mascara but your lashes look amazing, obviously does the trick thanks hun x

    Anna-Maria |

  6. wow this product looks amazeballs....I definetely needs this mascara.

    Thanks for the review.

  7. Ok this looks amazing; I think I definitely need to try this mascara!!
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  8. Amaziiiiing XO

  9. i really cant see a difference to the other mascaras that you have used.Your eyelashes are just natural long.

  10. dont see a difference. your eyelashes looks always long,because they are natural long


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