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Everyday Essentials #7 - Lots of Liner!



Let's talk about liner, actually let's talk about my LOVE for liner. I've been through the lot, different formulas, a multitude of brands and even a questionable selection of colours! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite BLACK eyeliners that I've grown to love, whatever kind of liner you prefer, I've narrowed it down to my favourites. 

The Pen - L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim 
This eyeliner has really changed things for me, it has replaced my beloved gel liner BUT with GOOD reason. I love how easy it is to create precise lines, it's incredibly black and I adore the intensity of it - Best thing of all it stays put all day long. 

The Gel - INGLOT AMC Eyeliner Gel 77
For years gel liner would be all I use - I got so accustomed to using a brush to apply eyeliner, there's something about the consistency of a gel that's just so right - I don't find it as dry as using a pencil nor as wet as using a liquid liner. Inglot's waterproof gel liner is my favourite, I've tried so many but this in my opinion this is the best. It glides on so effortlessly, it's as intensely black as eyeliners come and it's waterproof which is perfect for my forever watering eyeballs. 

The Pencil - Chantecaille 24 Hour Waterproof Eyeliner 'Ebony'
The Chantecaille Waterproof Liner has become my go to every day pencil eyeliner, I find this gentle on my waterline as it's soft and smooth to apply. It claims to be 24 hours in longevity but I think it's rare to find pencils that last for such lengths of time especially on the waterline. It's not as black as I usually like my eyeliners to be but it definitely does the job.  

The Gel Pencil - AVON SuperShock Gel Eyeliner 
Everyone loves to hate a smudgy/kohl eyeliner the intensity can be amazing and if you're creating a smokey, smudgy eye then it's cool this will be your BFF. If you're keeping things clean then this  isn't the best option as it has the tendency to run. The SuperShock liner from Avon is one of the best I've used, it's creamy in consistency and super black which creates real drama. Try setting this liner with a black eyeshadow to prevent it from moving!

The Liquid - Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
The Urban Decay 24h is a great liquid eyeliner, I think liquid is probably my least favourite liner to use but out of all the ones I've tried over the years this is my favourite. The brush is really fine so it allows you to create thin, fluid lines. This is extremely long lasting on the eyes, so it's win win!

There you have my lot! What are your favourite liners? 

Lots of Love 


  1. I am definitely going to try the loreal pen liner, it looks so nice!

  2. I don't really have a favorite, in the contrary I just have a lot of disappointments. There has always been something wrong with all the eyeliners I've tried. Either they were hard to work with, not black enough, or dried after a couple of uses. So I've been skipping eyeliners lately when I do my makeup, until I find one that I like.

    I really like pen eyeliners, so I think I'll check out the L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim. Have you experienced that it dries out easily?

  3. I love pen liner! I think it makes my lashes look a lot fuller and balances my brows with lashes too! xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  4. Great choices indeed! I am interested in trying out the The Liquid - Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. It seems the best among the rest.

  5. Need to get my hands on the L'oreal Superliner!! x


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