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Everyday Essentials #6 - Mighty Masks


Finding the right face mask can often be tricky, we are all so specific with our skin care preferences and our expectations of them. While some people see masks as a special treat to me they are an essential in my skin care routine, I try to incorporate them in to my routine once or twice or week. Whether it be to exfoliate, brighten or simply add hydration to my skin I currently feel as if I've got a good selection of face masks on my side that I'm loving right now

The Moisture Mask - The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

Lately my skin has been feeling so dry, much drier than usual which I think is a result of the change in weather. The Sink-In Moisture Mask from The Body Shop is my current Go-to. The consistency is light (almost gel based) I apply a generous amount to cover my face and leave it on for about 10 minutes. As Vitamin E is the primary ingredient this really helps to nourish, protect and repair the skin. It's a simple, minimal fuss face mask but definitely does the job - My skin is left feeling hydrated and happy, another great thing is that this product is definitely purse friendly. 

The Exfoliating Mask - Nude Miracle Mask

I absolutely love this mask for really brightening dull and tired skin. The texture is lightly grainy which is perfect to exfoliate and retexturise the skin in a non abrasive way. I apply a small amount to a clean face, massage in circular motions, leave it on for about 5 minutes - I wash away and VOILA it leaves your face feeling smooth and your skin looking radiant

The Peeling Mask  - Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask 

This jet black mask is a firm favourite in my pre partying routine, it's great to use before a night out because it leaves your skin looking incredibly radiant. Is it me or is there something so satisfying about a peel off a face mask?! It's as if you're removing a layer of dirt and dead skin cells from your face - Amazing! Once you peel off the mask your skin is left feeling smooth, firm and super bright. You may experience initial redness but this goes down soon after. 

What are you favourite masks? I'm always looking to try new ones? 

Lots of Love

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  1. Love these face masks, I haven't use one for a while. Think i will get the body shop one as that sounds great. Thanks hun xx

    Anna-Maria |


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