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Everyday Essentials #5 - Best of Bronzers


Bronzer never used to be an essential in my make up bag - Being kinda naturally bronzed I didn't think I needed it. Fast forward a few years, it's now a product I can't live without and will always be a staple in my everyday make up routine. I've realised how effective using bronzer is to shape my face and I love the extra warmth - It's ALL about that golden glow! I wanted to share some of my favourites and these are ones I've found that work particularly well with darker skin tones. 

If you are a frequent reader/viewer you will know how much I adore this bronzer from Kevyn, it's such a gorgeous gradient of golden tones. I love the way it enhances my skin without leaving it appearing dirty/muddy (A fear I used to have with bronzers!). I also love using this bronzer on my eyes, the different tones really allow you to shape, contour and highlight so beautifully. 

This was my GO-TO bronzer for years and I still have so much LOVE for Casino, it's perfect to contour on warmer skin tones and gives my skin more of a tanned finish. It's rich in colour and leaves the skin looking bronze and healthy. On my complexion it's quite subtle and I like that but can easily be built up. I also love using this in the natural contours of my eyes, it acts as a great transition colour. 

One of the lighter shades of bronzer I own but perfect for perking up my face in the colder months when my face is fairer. It's more on the matte side which I generally prefer when it comes to bronzers. This colour softly defines your cheekbones and leaves you looking sun kissed

What are your must have bronzers? These are some of my staples! 
Hope you lovely lot have had a good weekend. 

Lots of Love 


  1. These look so beautiful! I have only owned two bronzers in my life - a H&M one I just bought to know, what a bronzer is ;) and a Rimmel Bronze Goddess, which I still use today.
    Need to get into these, though! :)

    Renate from

  2. Same! I never really used to wear bronzer but now I can't live without it and much prefer it to a blusher. I definitely prefer a matte bronzer though X


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