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eBay have recently launched Collections a new, creative way to visually organise things you are loving. I've been shopping on eBay since my early teens which feels like forever ago now. I would add items to watch through my dad's account and sneakily get him to buy them for me. 

Years later eBay is still a site that I frequent whatever I'm looking for. The new Collections feature is a fantastic way to categorise and organise all the things you may have your eye on. I am such an indecisive online shopper so this is ideal for me to have something to go back to. My collections pretty much encapsulate my love for beauty, statement jewellery, a little bit of fashion with my love of Paris and endless cups of coffee

Over the next few months I will be updating and adding to my Collections so make sure you keep a look out for all the things I am currently loving. Be sure to follow my boards through eBay to keep up with new additions on my collections. 

I know loads of other fab bloggers are taking part in this campaign and I can't way to see what they've added to their collections. 

Have any of you created Collections? Be sure to link me below if you have! 

Lots of Love

This post is sponsored in collaboration with eBay 

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  1. This is a great idea! It somewhat reminds me of Pinterest X



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