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Crown Brush Pro Brush Set



I'm a girl who loves her tools, give me the right brush and I can conquer the world. Jokes aside I do love me a good set of brushes and this latest collection from Crown Brush has me definitely won me over! 

There's nothing easier than buying a complete set of brushes! I was so thrilled with Crown Brush sent me this collection and I was instantly impressed with the quality of the brushes. I think I have a slight obsession with make up brushes, actually I have an obsession with make up in general but believe me I do LOVE my brushes and I know a good one when I use one! I've been using these brushes for the last few days and I must say - they are lovely to use,  super soft against my skin and allow you to make up so well -  it made me realise how weathered my everyday brushes have become over the years.


The kit consists of a good mix of natural, synthetic and duo fibre brushes. 

Best of the Bunch


I am quite critical when it comes to selecting favourites but out of the kit, these are the brushes that I've tried and instantly loved, I know these will become firm favourites.

Liner Brush 
I love applying my gel liners with brushes like this. In particular the bristles on this one are so fine that it allows you to create precise lines and feline flicks.

Small Round Applicator
I actually adore this brush for applying concealer I think it fits the under eye area perfectly and allows you to blend your concealer in seamlessly. It's also great to use for cream shadows and liquid products.

Precision Pencil
This is my favourite brush for applying and intensifying colour in my crease. This natural goats hair brush is dense, really giving you maximum control and minimal fall out.

Pro Blending Fluff
No eye make up of mine is complete without the perfect blending brush to soften, buff and smooth out any harsh lines. This one is fab! 

Angle Blush 
I'm really fussy when it comes to contour brushes, they have to have the perfect angle to it, so that it fits my face the way I want it to - This one does just that, it's great for sculpting and the natural goats hair is so soft against my skin.  

Small Powder Brush 
I love a flat blusher brush again, it has to be the right size and shape to fit the apples of my cheeks. This is ideal for blusher or highlighter.

The 626 - 11Pc Studio Pro Brush Set  makes a fantastic starter kit and is also great selection of brushes to travel with. 11 brushes and a brush roll for £39.99 - What a bargain, what more could you want?! It's crazy to think I've spent that amount on a single brush before!


I've washed these brushes twice already and they haven't shed, I always use wash new brushes prior to using them and I washed them on the weekend.

Have any of you tried Crown brush? Be sure to check out their website HERE. For great brushes at fab prices.

Lots of Love

This post is in collaboration with Crown Brush


  1. I have the same ikea glasses!! love them, geat review as i was thinking of getting some new eye brushes, any reccomendations?

  2. I have never tried Crownbrush! I think I might give them a whirl because the ones you picked look very nice xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  3. love your photographs Zara :) xx

  4. You need to try IT Cosmetics brushes. They're awesome!


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