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Ready, Set, Powder Perfect!



I'll be the first to admit that I can't live without powder! I don't find my skin to be particularly oily if anything it's quite the opposite - but I still feel incomplete if I don't set my make up with a powder. On most days I'll apply my make up in the morning and use a loose powder to set it, I very rarely touch up throughout the day - Mainly because I forget to bring a compact with me and we all know it's not about loose powders on tho go! I wanted to give you a heads up on some of my favourite finishing powders, all of these are loose powders as I generally prefer them read on to find out why!?

All Over Face Powder 

MAC - Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder 

I absolutely adore this powder for all over my face -  I love the light texture, the smooth finish and I definitely see how this ensures the longevity of my make up throughout the day. I have used this on and off for the last four years and it's always the ONE I revert back to. You need such a small amount of product and what I love is that it doesn't have an obviously powdered finish. It's transparent in colour, as in, NO REALLY it's transparent and doesn't have an ashy/Casper finish. 

MAC - Prep + Prime CC Powder - Beige (Adjust) 

I won't go in to too much detail about this powder because I recently reviewed it so you can check that out HERE, but I will just update you - This powder is INCREDIBLE as mentioned above I am big a fan of the original Prep + Prime loose powder BUT this is a more advanced, improved version of that - It's everything I love about the original powder but with colour correcting properties to make the finish of your base make up even more flawless -  Look out for this launching in MARCH, I can't wait to check out the other colour variations in this! 

Laura Mercier - Universal 

This powder is another fabulous one which I generally prefer to wear on a night out or for that spacial occasion. The Universal powder feels like silk and it instantly softens and smooths out the skin - The finish is perfect, almost HD like - Personally on an everyday basis I find it's a little too smoothed out for my liking but for a night out it's great and photographs really well. 

Vichy - Dermablend Setting Powder 

Discovering this powder was a complete fluke, picture this I'd run out of setting powder! RUN OUT? Like yes? That does occasionally happen, I usually have back ups of just about everything but NO not this time. SO I 'm there rummaging through my mothers minute collection of make up and stumbled upon this powder. I used it consistently for months, I love everything about it. It holds my make up in place all day, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin nor does it leave a cakey finish on the skin. I'd never heard of the brand and from when I using Dermablend I was unaware that they were part of Vichy Laboratoires but apparently they are! 

Under Eyes/Brightening Powders

Ben Nye -  Banana Powder 

Now this was one of those make up products that was made popular by the Kardashian's make up artist Mario Dedavonic - Love them or hate them you know their make up is forever flawless, pristine and on point - so I was eager to get involved! This powder is yellow based and the purpose of that is to essentially neutralise and colour correct, generally brightening the skin. The powder is so finely milled it's perfect for setting liquid products - it's light and has a flawless finish on the skin. I generally prefer concentrating this product under my eyes -  I think it's where it works best!   

Laura Mercier - Secret Brightening Powder #2

This is another product I love for applying under my eyes because the powder is smooth, light weight and perfect for stopping those dreaded concealer creases. This powder has light reflective particles which instantly wake up the eye area - Hence the brightening in the name!  I use this in number 2 which is ideal for warmer, olive skin tones as it has more of a yellow base to it, number 1 would be better suited to a fairer complexion. 

So there you have it a few of my favourite products to stay powder perfect - If I'm on the go I usually carry a MAC compact with me but I much prefer using loose powders

What about you guys? Loose? Pressed?

Lots of Love 


  1. very interesting! thanks zara for this review i'm definitely looking forward to Mac's Prep & Prime CC
    I'm looking to try out Lilac and Yellow!

  2. Laura Mercier Loose Powders are AMAZING

  3. I have been wondering which power to buy for a while now and never known which to go for. Thank you for doing this post it has really helped!!

    Anna-Maria |

  4. Ive been really wanting to try the Ben nye powder :)!
    Berrie-Blogs// Beauty Blog x

  5. I'm tempted to try the Laura Mercier loose powder

  6. thank you so much for this post it's helped me find out which setting powder I should buy.. i love the ben nye banana for my under eyes too .. love your blog :)

  7. I've been wanting to try the Ben NYE banana powder for so long! Glad to see you like it :)

  8. I'm going to give some of these a try! I really like MUFE HD powder and NARS finishing powder. Do you ever use the Hourglass powders to set your foundation? I'm never sure about that.


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