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Ready for Radiant Spring Skin!


Today I'm raving about radiance, YES you heard radiance - Right now I am all about dewy, fresh and glowing skin - Yes Spring/Summer I am ready for you. I used to be all for matte skin, but over the years I've realised how much I appreciate radiant, youthful looking skin - Maybe it comes with old age and me trying to hold on to my early twenties HAHA? I wanted to share some of my current must haves that have revolutionised my radiance routine - No exaggeration!

A new one for me but already a product I am loving it's definitely going to be a staple, sits comfortably in my Spring make up bag. When I first swatched this to my hand it appeared overly sparkly - Something I don't like, I mean come on who wants to end up looking like a disco ball? Rest assured, once mixed in with foundation this leaves your skin looking incredibly radiant and glowing like a goddess, it catches the light so beautifully - This primer + Foundation = KILLER combination

The secret of many make up artists, a backstage beauty essential - I was so surprised to see how many make up artists use this on models before they hit the runway, it's like a Fashion Week Holy grail!  8 hour cream isn't all about the multi skin benefits, one of the best tricks is to use it lightly over the application of make up. The key is to apply a small amount of product, to the cheek bones, the bridge of the nose and the lips. It glistens when it catches the light and makes the appear fresh and dewy in a really natural way.

Another favourite of make up artists, Strobe Cream is one of those must have MAC products. It's such a universal product and can be used in many ways (Got to love a multi-purpose product!) ; whether you apply it directly to the skin, mix it in with your foundation or apply it after foundation it works wonders. It has a pretty pearl-like, illuminating finish to skin, I like how this looks subtle on the skin but instantly wakes up your complexion at the same time. This is also available in a lighter formulation - Strobe Lotion, I own both and think they're as good as each other.

Ok So you've probably heard me rave about this on MF and my YouTube channel for the longest time ever but I really do adore this product. This colourless cream has such a beautiful texture, it smooths out the skin adding instant radiance (As the name suggests), whether you wear this alone with no make up or prior to the application of foundation your skin is literally left glowing. It contains crushed pearls so it leaves the skin with a soft golden glow. I can't live without this product and is one that will ALWAYS make it's way in to my make up bag, whatever the weather! It lifts my skin and gives me such a boost - LOVE!

Are you guys as ready for Spring as I am? Have you tried any of the products mentioned? I know these bad boys will be in heavy rotation in my Spring Make Up Bag!

Lots of Love 


  1. Adding them all to my shopping list!! Ive heard so much about shu Umera but other than the eyelash curlers (which I never used) never tried anything

  2. Oh dear, i can just see the wishlist growing and growing hehe. I need the strobe cream in my life.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  3. Couldn't live without 8 hour cream. I always have a tube not too far away

    Jess x

  4. didn't know that about the 8 hour cream, might give that a go!


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