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In my opinion there's no better feeling than putting on PJs and having a pre slumber pamper! I suffer so much with lack of sleep that I try as best as I can to relax and unwind in the evenings - I have got myself a little night time regime which these days I'm secretly enjoying more than mornings of make up madness! 

The Cleanser 
Emma Hardie - Moringa Cleansing Balm 
I can't actually remember the last time I featured this product - The Moringa Cleansing Balm is no stranger to my blog or YouTube channel in actual fact it's a strong contender to possibly being my favourite cleanser of all time! I always end up back with good ol' Emma! I apply this in the evenings and I feel as if I'm cleansing away the day. It removes all traces of my make up, it cleanses, it tones, it hydrates, it moisturises - OH boy.. the list goes on - Catch my drift? It does everything! I love wearing make up, but I hate the lengthy process of removing it - With Emma it's enjoyable, it's effortless and most importantly my face is left super, squeaky clean! 

The Night Cream 
Philosophy -  Hope in a Jar Night 
This night cream has such a luxurious feel on the skin, it’s rich, it’s hydrating and it’s the kind of product you can’t wait to come home and apply. I have noticed my skin is so much softer and smoother since using this. It is in actual fact a retexturizing moisturiser and contains glycolic acid, I wake up and feel rejuvenated from using this cream - there really is hope in a jar! 

The Lip Balm 
Nuxe - Reve de Miel Lip Balm 
I featured this fantastic lip balm in my EE Battle of the Balms post, you can check out the full post HERE - This has to be the ultimate night-time lip balm, the texture is lightly grainy and it's amazing at exfoliating the lips. The reason I opt for this at night time is because I love to slather it on which leaves a nice white, creamy finish it's not a good look to rock during the day time haha - I like to layer it up and let this lip balm work it's magic while I sleep.

The Treatment 
Sarah Chapman - Overnight Facial 
A complete cult classic - Probably the best known product from the Sarah Chapman range. This oil/moisturiser/serum - ALL in ONE is the perfect way to end the day. I apply this after my evening cleanse and allow it to work away - the smells is gorgeous, it feels fabulous on the skin and absorbs beautifully without it feeling thick and heavy. The best thing of all is that it's quick, easy to apply and simple to use! In the morning I wake up to find my skin is radiant and glowing - I mean what more could you want? 

The Spot Treatment 
Malin + Goetz - Acne Treatment 
My skin is prone to breakouts, I thought it would be a phase that would come and go in my teenage years - Sadly NOT the years have left me but the breakouts still like to make an appearance every now and then. Malin + Goetz Acne treatment is probably one of the best spot treatments I've tried.  I use a cotton bud to apply the white solution directly to the spot, this eventually dries to almost a white clay and by the morning it's 'Adios Amigo!' - Just like that..Well with the help of sulphur, salicylic acid and zinc oxide which essentially dry out the spot, exfoliate the skin and reduce any acne scarring. It's such a great quick fix for banishing those blemishes.  

The Hand Cream 
Caudalie - Hand and Nail Cream
I have so much love for Caudalie, I think they may be one of my favourite French skin care brands - I love the simplicity and effectiveness of the entire range. This hand and nail cream is my current Go-To - It's hydrating, it smells divine and most importantly it absorbs so well in to my skin - I really can't stand a greasy hand cream! This is coming close to an end so it may be time to repurchase soon, this is definitely one of those everyday essential products! 

The Added Extra 
This Works - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 
By now I'm sure it's no secret that I suffer from mild insomnia, some of you have probably seen my Tweets at ridiculous hours of the night/early morning! In the evenings, before bed I try to use products that help me unwind and switch off - my mind seems to be too active and it takes hours for me to fall asleep. I started using the This Works Deep Sleep Body Oil last year, the blend of lavender and camomile helped at relaxing my mind and body (You can read the review HERE) Lately I wanted to try more from the This Works Deep Sleep range so I opted for the pillow spray. I love bed linen sprays, they make getting in to bed even more inviting and I must say THIS one has been my saviour lately. I've noticed such a difference since spritzing this on my sheets and pillows, the essential oils really do calm me and allow me to fall asleep much sooner than usual. The blend is the same as the body oil - lavender, camomile and vetivert but there's something about having the scent linger on my linen that really lures me in to a sweet slumber. 

There you have my current night time line up, what are your night time favourites?

Sweet Dreams! 
Lots of Love


  1. looking good.Well try Reve de mine for sure...and hope it turns good results!


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