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Palette Perfection



It was such a surprise when The Smashbox Fulll Exposure Palette  landed on my desk, NO exaggeration, I stared silently at this palette in awe  - It's such a STUNNER! At first I didn't want to use it, it sat so perfectly untouched on my desk and I was mesmerised by it's beauty and of course the sparkles - I then grew increasingly eager to have a play AND believe me that is what I did! I have been using this palette all throughout the week - the verdict you say? 

I have pretty much fallen in love. 


An incredible collection of 14 warm to cool toned eyeshadows, an even selection of matte vs shimmer shades  - It's so rare to find an entire eyeshadow palette that you would actually consider wearing each colour but I must say Smashbox hit the nail on the head with this one! 

The matte eyeshadows are buttery and smooth to apply, they are so well pigmented and I love how they instantly intensify a look.  The shimmer colours are sparkly and surprisingly very pleasant to work with -  they catch the light so beautifully and best of all there's minimal fallout  - RESULT! ALL the eyeshadows in this palette blend like a dream. I've never used Smashbox's eyeshadows before so I didn't know what to expect (Looks can be deceiving!) BUT I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. 

The palette also comes with a double end brush and a mini mascara! I know I'm going to have so much fun using these eyeshadows - Check back tomorrow for #FridaysFaceOff I may very well be rocking this palette then! 

Have any of you checked out this palette? 

Lots of Love 


  1. WOW!!! I am totally in love with this palette it looks so perfect, i wouldn't want to be the first to use it either. Love the mix of colours.. xx

    Anna-Maria |

  2. This palette looks dreamy! It has the a perfect matt : shimmer ratio, I am going out and purchasing this straight away!

  3. The palette is gorgeous, I wish the actual shadows had some pigment. The mattes are fine but the frosted are terrible! Every day when I see that palette in my drawer I wanna kick myself for buying it.


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