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Mouldy's Motivational Monday - Making 2014 Positive!


I wanted to try something new on MouldyFruit because of the overwhelming response I got when I wrote THIS post. In that original post I shared how difficult I found it to express happiness. As a result of that post, I started looking forward to the new year and wanted to determine how I could make it as positive and happy as possible. I broke it down in to five key areas that personally work for me. I figured if this is helping me, then it may also be of help to some of you out there. Here's to making 2014 a great one for us all. 


1. Take time to appreciate the small things 
I'm not going to go too much in depth about this because I pretty much covered that in my initial post (read HERE). However what I will say that since creating my 'Happiness Jar' I've been able to stop and appreciate even the smallest things - These are the things contribute to my overall happiness, I find it makes you aware as to what or who has an impact on your feelings. It also means you are focusing on the positive

2. Enjoy your own company 
I think this is one of the most easiest but also hardest things to come to terms with.  In order to succeed in anything you really must appreciate and understand yourself and your own mind. I also think it's OK to be on your own and to be comfortable alone. Take up new hobbies, find things you enjoy doing and DO them. As much as I love to be surrounded by friends and family it's important to have an element of independence. Go and have a coffee on your own, take time out read a book and just enjoy the moment. We are all individuals and we are all going through different things in life - if you're currently overcoming a bad situation (which some of you have told me you are) allow yourself to express emotions, confront them and become comfortable with them - The only way to move forward is if we acknowledge our current situation and understand what we want to change in the future. If you  are able to enjoy you're own company you will always be in GOOD company. No one knows you better than YOU

4. Make plans 
Planning things is definitely something that works for me. I know no matter how bad of a day, week even month I may be having, having something to look forward to keeps me feeling positive. No matter how big or small your plans may be I guarantee it will make you feel so much more positive. Whether it be dinner with your other half, or a night out with your best friend or that holiday you're in desperate need of! Planning, keeps you on your toes. Me and my best friend have made a bucket list (well she likes to call it that  but I don't because it's more focused on 2014) The list consists of places, restaurants and things we always say we will do but it never materialises - I have to say, so far so good we are actually doing much more and having a great time doing so! 
Remember - "Collect moments, not things" 

3. Take steps to get healthy 
For me this is essential to a good year, I made many changes to my lifestyle last year and this really reflected on my overall well being. Now I'm not telling you to go out and join a gym - It could be as simple as walking to the station instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of the lift. I used to hate going to the gym (sometimes I still do) but it's about finding things that work for you, that motivate you and that most importantly things YOU enjoy! For me I prefer going to classes, I love the energy and I love being around people who are equally as motivated. I'm currently addicted to spinning I used to hate it, the bike was always my worst cardio exercise. So this year I set myself a goal to try and go to a Spin class at least once a week - since then I'm hooked, I went three times last week! It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. 

I also try to maintain a clean diet, I am now more aware of the nutritional benefits of food and I find myself preparing fresh, healthy food on a daily basis - again something I thought I'd never do especially as I hate cooking! This has improved my general health so much - I have so much more energy, my skin is better and I generally feel much happier. What happens on the inside reflects on the outside and it's about taking small steps. 

5. Set yourself goals 
Now I don't believe in New Years resolutions, I believe if there's something you wish to change about yourself or your life you should do it whenever. Setting yourself goals is a great way to really push yourself and remain motivated. These goals could be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly - whatever suits you. I live by lists I'm constantly setting mysel goals on a daily basis and I have to say it works. I think it's important to see what you want to achieve again it doesn't matter how big or small it may be - by setting yourself a goal you visualise it and visualisation is such a strong key to success. Create a vision board, it's a great way to get you feeling positive about the future. It also means you are more likely to focus your energy on achieving those self set goals. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, I know it's a little different but sometimes I like to share non beauty banter. I'm considering dedicating a Monday once a  month to cover motivational topics. Now don't get me wrong I am not the most positive person in actual fact I'm far from it, but I have come a long way from how I used to be.  

I wish you all nothing but love, success and happiness - I hope 2014 brings you whatever you are looking for. If you want to watch me attempt NOT to positive preaching then check out the video below.

Thanks again for all your support, love you guys! 


  1. This post was amazing and so thorough! Would love to see more posts like this from you xx

  2. lovely post..each point was wondeful..i have decided to get healthy this year..joined gym and i am really looking forward to have a gud lifestyle change!thanks for th post it is quiet motivational to read these kind of posts.infact u should just write 1 one these a month!

  3. Such a motivational post! Really boost up some spirit inside of me :)

  4. Oh yes, please do the regular Monday posts. This was brilliant and may have turned my bad day around. Thank you xx


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