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Loving/Wearing - Wrist Candy



I have become somewhat obsessed with wearing a wrist full of bracelets and bangles, most of which I never take off,  somehow I feel a little naked without these! I'm forever adding to my wrist candy and today I wanted to give special love to one of my favourite brands for delicate, eye-catching wrist pieces - Astrid & Miyu. 

I've regularly featured A&M on MouldyFruit and that's because it's rare to find unique jewellery that doesn't tarnish, break or that ends up looking a little worse for wear - This is not the case for Astrid and Miyu. I often wear their necklaces and even when I've forgotten to take them off when showering (oops) they've remained looking beautiful. On my wrist at the moment I am currently loving the Eye See You bracelet and their zodiac Scorpio bracelet. I love how these look on my wrist with everything else going on, watch included. I adore subtle, statement pieces and Astrid and Miyu are definitely amongst my favourite jewellery brands out there. 

Be sure to check out their recently launched Zodiac collection HERE

What are you guys currently Loving/Wearing? Non-beauty? 

Lots of Love


  1. these look like great bits, love the evil eye... i always wear mine too

    Anna-Maria |


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