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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed, a couple of days ago I decided to cut 3 inches off of my hair! Usually I would have cried about such a drastic decision but this time I really embraced the change, I felt it was necessary and I was ready for it  - I must say I love it, it’s given me a new lease of life! Today I figured what better time, than NOW to share some of my Hair Heroes with you. These are a selection of products that I have been using in rotation over the last few months or so and consist of general hair care, styling and deep treatment products.


Bumble and Bumble - Creme de Coco Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask. (Hair care & Treatment)
I think this may be one of my all time favourite hair care ranges. The Creme de Coco range works so well for my hair which is thick and often quite dry - A combination of coconut and murumuru butters really nourish and lock in the moisture to my hair. I’ve found since bleaching my hair (obviously) it’s significantly dryer so once a week I use the mask to deep condition and really treat my hair. I love how soft, hydrated and silky my hair feels after using these products - Oh and FYI the smell is divine! 

Oribe - Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray (Styling)
So I know the Dry Texturizing spray is 'IT' product, it's loved and raved about by many beauty bloggers and I agree it is an amazing product. However for me, I really enjoy using the Après Beach Wave and Shine spray because it generally works better with the way in which I style my hair on a daily basis. I feel it enhances my waves, as well as adding volume and of the perfect amount of texture. For me it works fabulous leaving my hair tousled and shiny - Very J-Lo! (It helps that Oribe is HER personal hairdresser!)

Philip Kingsley - One More Day Dry Shampoo (Styling)
I don't do dry shampoos - Well I never used to, I've had a few bad experiences and to be fair, I hate the powder white finish - For someone who used to have jet black hair it was just too apparent when I had used a dry shampoo. In addition I found they matted my hair and left my scalp itchy! I have since, however discovered the Philip Kingsley ‘One More Day’ dry shampoo and I must say this has changed my opinion all together. The ingredients of this dry shampoo will cleanse your scalp eliminating any excess dirt, oil and odour. Thankfully this dry shampoo doesn't leave me looking like Cruella Deville

Umberto Giannini - Backcomb in a Bottle (Styling)
I used this product for the first time maybe 4 years ago, more recently I collaborated with Umberto Giannini for their #7days7ways campaign - So I began to use it again and I'd forgotten how much I loved it. This adds that instant Va Va Voom to your hair - Texture, Volume - The lot! The best thing it's pretty inexpensive and is almost always on 3 for 2 at Boots. 

Living Proof - Restore Mask Treatment (Treatment)
OMG I love this mask, I was using this before I reintroduced the Bumble back into my life and now I can’t decide which of the two masks is my favourite. If you are looking for a hydrating, deep conditioning mask, this is the one - especially if you colour your hair or regularly use heat! The restore range from Living Proof is my favourite it's great at really giving your hair that lift that it may be lacking. I love how manageable my hair is once using this, it tames the frizz, adds shine and leaves my hair looking so much healthier. 

Living Proof - Restore Targeted Repair Cream (Styling)
I started using this product for styling, similarly to the mask it tames the frizz and makes my hair look glossy and my colour vibrant. I apply this to damp hair concentrating on the ends. 

Kérestase Ciment Thermique (Leave-in Treatment)
This is one of the best leave in products I've used over the years - I apply it to wet hair before drying and styling. The lightweight texture means it does't weigh down my hair, instead this product is perfect for strengthening weakened hair. It's also a great product to use before heat application. Honestly the amount of bleach, heat and general battering my hair has taken over the years I'm surprised it's still attached to my head - I'm sure it's because of this! Out of all the products mentioned this is probably one of those key products I will always use!  

Phyto - Subtil Elixir (Treatment)
I actually started using this product when I was living in Paris, I would often frequent French pharmacies and Phyto was one of those, minimal-fuss brands that I fell in love with. The Subtil oil is a deep treatment, I mentioned it in my last ‘Weekend Wonders’ post. I often apply a generous amount to my hair, leave it in overnight and wash it out the following day. It makes my hair super shiny and feels so much softer. For someone who has seriously dry, damaged and dehydrated like mine this treatment oil was the perfect discovery. 

Phyto - 7 Crème de jour (Finishing)
What a little wonder this tube contains! Think of it as your hand cream but for hair. It can be applied to damp hair or dry hair  and It really smooths out the hair, taming frizz, static and adds shine. I can't believe I had lived without this product for so long. It's the perfect finishing touch! 

Redken - Curvaceous Ringlet (Styling)
I don't know how many of you know this but my hair is naturally quite wavy, as a child it used to be super curly, but has since fallen out (I blame straighteners). I often try to encourage my curls and this product is fantastic for that. I scrunch a small amount of product into damp hair then use a diffuser to dry my hair. To finish and make my hair look more polished I tend to use hair straighteners to give the odd curl more definition. 

So there you have some of my hair heroes, PLEASE NOTE I do NOT use all of them at the same time, that would be a little CRAY CRAY. These are just some of my favourites from the past few months. Have any of you tried any of these? Do you love them as much as I do? 

What have you been loving for you hair lately?

Lots of Love 



  1. I am following you on Instagram, and loving the new hair looks gorgeous.
    Love the hair treatments you have here think i will have to try them been looking for a good one for a while now.

    Anna-Maria |

  2. ooh the living proof mask sounds just up my street i really need something intense. Can i ask if it leaves hair feeling heavy? My hair is so fine that it needs a lot of moisture but if its too heavy it looks totally limp x

  3. These all sound amazing, I really want to check out a lot of the Bumble and Bumble products!
    The Charles Worthington dry shampoo is really good for a drugstore price
    Roshni’s Journey

  4. I've been loving the Oribe spray at the moment, especially when I plat my wet hair and sleep on it. I'm also in love with the B&B shampoo, it's my go to ;)
    xxx Claire


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