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Everyday Essentials #4 - Body Brilliance


Sunday evening again - my weekend went according to plan (if you read this post) I successfully managed to spend the whole weekend in my onesie on the sofa watching movie, after movie with the odd Friends episode thrown in - Result! For today's Everyday Essentials I wanted to focus on Body Brilliance - These are everyday body products that we don't think too much of, but generally they make us feel that little bit better in our own skin

The Body wash 

After a long day there's nothing quite like that perfect body wash to help you loosen up, lately i've been finding myself to be so tense and my muscles are really tired. I generally prefer to have showers as I get so bored in the bath - This body wash is perfect for relaxing my body, soothing my muscles and de-stressing my mind. 

The Body Scrub 

I always get more conscious of the texture of my skin in the lead up to Spring/Summer - Let's face it we all want to have smooth, soft, Summer ready skin and this is product by Mio perfect for that. You apply it to dry skin before getting into the shower/bath. I hate nothing more than getting in the shower to exfoliate and as soon as you apply a scrub to your body it slides right off - No Bueno!  This is why Double Buff is so easy to use, it removes dead skin cells leaving my skin feeling fabulously soft and looking really radiant - Ready for fit, firm Spring/Summer skin you say?

The Body Oil 

Oils are one of my favourite products to apply whether it be my face, my hair or my body I love to smother myself in them. I generally prefer to do it when I can be more leisurely with my time. The Divine Oil by Caudalie has to be one of my favourites, the smell is beautiful and it feels so luxurious on my skin. The spray makes it easy to apply and it's absorbs really well in to the skin. I love how oils leave my skin feeling smooth, soft and of looking radiant. 

The Body Cream 

Maybe, possibly, definitely -  my favourite body moisturiser of all time. I apply this as soon as I come out the shower, it instantly locks in hydration and retains it for hours. If I'm honest I hate applying body moisturisers that feel sticky on my skin, I don't like having to wait ages before putting my clothes on. This is what I love about this moisturiser it absorbs quickly, doesn't feel greasy and gives my skin such a gorgeous glow - I also like that this body cream isn't heavily scented. Rumour has it the Victoria Secret Angels wear this before hitting the runway - I now apply this secretly hoping to turn into a VS model!

These are some of my favourite body products at the moment, I do think having these products are key and on weekends like this one, where I do very little I prefer to pamper myself with lotions and potions - That is exactly what I did with this lot! 

What have you lot been up to this weekend?

Lots of Love


  1. I have to try the Caudalie's divine oil sounds amazing and I need a new body oil ..THanks for sharing hun X

  2. I have always wanted to try something from Caudalie
    Great post Zara

  3. I'm with you on the Caudalie Divine Oil, I bought it a couple weeks ago and I can't stop using it! The Kiehls moisturiser sounds really lovely, too.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage


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