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Everyday Essentials #2 - Battle of the Balms


Today I bring you an Everyday Essential for sure - Lip balm. I can't live without it and to be fair it's one of those products I'm forever losing therefore forever accumulating because I can NEVER find them when I need them. I wanted to share with you a selection of my favourites, I seem to go through all different textures, scents, packaging but always end up reverting to some of these classics

The Body Shop - Shea Lip Butter 
This is a lip butter I've been using since I was about 14, I think there's something so nostalgic about this lip balm, the smell, the texture - Ahh it takes me way back! I think this part of the reason I've continued to keep this in my collection for all these years. The consistency is creamy and the shea butter keeps my lips feeling soft and smooth all throughout the day. I find myself constantly reapplying this because the smell is incredible. I know we've probably ALL used these at one point in our lives, I used to also love the coconut one! Yum

This lip balm is beeswax based so the consistency is a little hard to work with, you really have to warm the product up with your fingers before applying it. However, once applied this lip balm keeps your lips hydrated for hours, the finish is relatively matte which makes it the perfect partner for applying prior to lipstick.

This lip balm is a complete Winter Wonder, it's been my night time companion over these colder months. It's fantastic for dry and chapped lips as the texture is rich but lightly grainy, as a result it works well at exfoliating the lips removing any dry skin. I find that when I wake up in the morning my lips are hydrated and soft. The 

The most luxurious lip balm I own, actually possibly one of the most luxurious beauty products I own full stop. I have mentioned this beautiful balm on my blog for years, it's absolutely gorgeous and I can't fault it at all - Oh maybe just the hefty price tag!? but definitely worth the splurge, I mean we all deserve a treat once in a while right? Baume de Rose is a smooth lip balm that glides on to the lips effortlessly, it's hydrating and really nourishes the lips. I adore the glossy, subtle lilac finish to it,  it's realy pretty on the lips and even over lipstick. Did I mention it smells like roses - ADORE!

I find this is more practical than the baume de rose in a pot, It's easier on the go without havig to dip your fingers in a pot, however I do find the consistency isn't as rich as the original balm but for practicality reasons I love it just as much! 

For ages I would use the regular 8hr cream as a lip balm sometimes I still do but this lip balm is idea for on the go. The consistency is rich and extremely hydrating just as the 8 hour cream is. Eight Hour Cream is one of those Holy Grail products so no surprise the lip balm would work it's way in to my favourites. This is incredible at really hydrating the lips, I find it's one of those lip balms you can apply then not have to reapply for hours. 

These are my current favourite lip balms, you all know how much I adore wearing matte lip stick so it's essential I keep my lips hydrated at all times. In Winter my lips suffer quite badly so it's all about taking care of them and this little army of lip balms have been my saviours. 

What are your favourite lip balms? Have you tried any of these?

Lots of Love


  1. Havent try By Terry and this is my top on the list, with all those great reviews ! Loved the post <3

  2. My favourite at the moment has to be my good ol' carmex. It really does the job :)

  3. i use the burts bees one.and i like it alot.i always have right by my in my bag one on work table.

  4. I really would like to try Reve de miel! Ive been eyeing it up for ages :)!

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