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Everyday Essentials #1 - My Go-To MAC Eyeshadow Palette


I don't know if it's the same for you? But in my opinion Sunday Evenings swing around a little too soon for my liking. I'm sat here with a movie on, already contemplating getting into bed - How tragic. I'm back today with Everyday Essentials a feature I started last year, obviously I didn't stick to it - (Oops!) but here's to turning a new leaf, New Year and all. As my EE comeback (It's #1 because we're starting again!) I wanted to share my Go-To MAC 15 Pro Palette. 


For years I've collected MAC eyeshadows, BOY who am I kidding for years I've collected MAC make up. I remember being in University, allowing myself to make a MAC purchase once a week - Needless to say I built up quite the collection. MAC was the first brand that excited me in make up, the bright, bold colours, the choice, the new collections - I was obsessed! 

FOUR eyeshadow palettes later I present to you my everyday edits. This palette consists of 15 of my favourite, most used eyeshadows. Personally I find MAC eyeshadows so easy to work with, the colours are well pigmented and the blend beautifully. 

1. Nocturnelle - A gorgeous purple with a slight pink undertone and frost finish. This is so beautiful when used above the crease of a smokey eye, it creates such an amazing gradient. 

2. Contrast - An intense navy blue with sparkles, one of my favourite eyeshadows for creating a smokey eye. I feel that this colour has so much more depth than a standard black eyeshadow. it’s intense, it’s sully and really makes the eyes pop. 

3. Graphology - A gorgeous matte indigo eyeshadow, which is now SADLY been discontinued, which breaks my heart. The texture is so velvety and it blends so beautifully - I’m going to try and find a dupe for you guys!

4. Honey Lust -  Is a peach tone bronze eyeshadow with a metallic finish, it's very glam and super eye catching. I love this all over the lid with thick, black, liquid liner - Perfect! 

5. Black Tied - Black with a silver sparkle, great for smokey eyes. I find this colour works really well pressed in to the lash line as an alternative to eyeliner, it really intensifies any look. 

6. Ground Brown (LE) - A rich, warm brown matte eyeshadow. Unfortunately Limted Edition, but a great colour that can be worn in many ways. As it has more of a red undertone it’s quite warm on my skin. 

7. Mystery - Is a muted, matte brown with a plum undertone. This colour works well in the crease it really adds dimension, I also love Mystery on my brows. 

8. Femme-Fi (LE) - This is a pretty, pearl champagne colour. There are probably LOADS of dupes for this in all honesty it reminds me of my Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight Cellestial Powder. This is perfect for highlighting and eye look. 

9. Honesty - Is almost a pewter bronzed colour, against my skin tone it makes a great everyday colour. It has a soft gold glitter to it, although it’s not obvious once applied. 

10. Sketch - By far one of my favourite eyeshadows EVER, I absolutely adore this stunning plum eyeshadow - It’s the kind of colour everyone NEEDS! It looks amazing all over the lid, it works well as a crease colour and it’s a great transitional colour - ADORE! 

11. Beauty Marked - Probably my other absolute favourite MAC eyeshadow (Like you can’t tell from the pan!) I use this almost every time I create a smokey eye. It blends perfectly, it’s a mix between a black/brown with purple sparkle. I find this is the perfect shade to intensify any look. 

12. Magnetic Fields (LE) - I love this chocolate brown eye shadow, in some ways it’s similar to Satin Taupe although I find this rich in colour with a subtle shimmer. 

13. Mulch - Surprise Surprise another brown but I feel like Mulch is such an underrated eye shadow, I love how it’s such a soft brown with a golden/bronze shimmer. It’s beautiful on the eyes again you can tell how much I LOVE this colour, just check the pan! 

14. Arena - Is a pretty soft gold colour with a lovely peach undertone, this is ideal for really brightening and opening the eyes. I love to use this in my inner corners, it also acts as a great highlighter for warmer skin tones. 

15. Patina - Is a taupe brown with a slight gold finish to it, this is quite an earthy colour - It looks gorgeous with Beauty Marked in the crease. 

There you have my GO-TO Pro Pan! I know what we all wear on a daily basis will differ, I usually opt for warm browns, plums and neutral shades to highlight and enhance the eyes. 

If I had to choose FIVE I couldn’t live without. 

Sketch, Mulch, Beauty Marked, Contrast & Arena. 

These are firm favourites and have been for years, they are colours that are universal and would work with all skin tones. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post 
What are your MUST HAVE eyeshadows? Doesn’t have to be MAC.

Lots of Love


  1. Aww I adore Patina, I must be on my 6th one now lol. It never gets old, but I have to admit I am obsessed with Illamasqua shadows at the moment. Great post Xx

    1. Patina is gorge! Illamasqua shadows are amazing too so velvety! x

  2. Love the purple! Excuse my naivety, but do these eyeshadows sell individually? Because I'd love to purchase it!

    Ally Marie Catherine

    1. Hey sweety yes they do :) All MAC eye shadows are sold separately and you can make your own palette. The palettes come in 2, 4 and 15. :) xx

  3. I love Patina. I love your MAC palette <3

  4. I will go to Mac after work to pick up the pro palette and I definitely need beauty marked and mulch in my life:) Love your blog gorgeous lady!

  5. Graphology & Beauty Marked are my faves too. Lovely selection <3

  6. I'm currently filling a palette, I'll have to try some of these shades for sure. Sketch looks like such an amazing colour!

    Charlotte Breony xx

  7. i love the mac 1234 shades...absolutely

  8. Great post darling! You and I have the same taste in shadow colors and I think what suits you will suit me well because we have similar skin tone & hair color. Thank you for sharing this list! I definitely need to add Contrast, Sketch & Beauty Marked to my palette. xx

  9. Arena and Nocturnal are stunning colours! I'm currently obsessed with Mac Nylon and Satin Taupe, they look really nice layered together :)
    xxx Claire


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