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Battle of the Brows



My brows are naturally quite dark, full and thick - I went through a period in my teens where I thought it was cool to pluck them all off - Thankfully for me and being hairy (THANKS DAD) they grew back! For years I filled in my eyebrows using an angled brush and a black eyeshadow. This all changed as soon as I discovered Anastasia's Brow Wiz last year in New York - Ever since, I've been sold - it was a real game changer

The reason I had never taken a liking to pencils was because I hated how waxy they appeared on the skin and the way in which they made my eyebrows look so obviously drawn on. I have, however grown really fond of two eyebrow pencils. 

Anastasia Brow Wiz - Ebony
This pencil has the right amount of intensity to it, it's soft and subtle when you apply it but really allows you to create natural, uniformed brows. I use the shade ebony which is ideal for me as I naturally have dark brows. I like that the colour is not too flat in, the lines you create blend in perfectly with your own hair. I have found using the Brow Wiz,  you can define and enhance your natural brows so easily.  Grooming and brushing my brows is essential before filling them in, so I love that this pencil comes with a comb on the other end. 

Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil - Dark Brunette
Another fabulous find in the eyebrow department! I love the consistency of this pencil which is slightly harder than the Brow Wiz, it creates a stronger brow but still without that waxy finish - Result! I actually prefer the colour of this pencil which is just a touch deeper and darker than Ebony in the Brow Wiz - I find that the tiny difference in shade makes my eyebrows appear more prominent and they look even more defined. The only downside with this pencil is that I go through it too easily. 

To be fair I'm not sure I can pick between these two brow pencils - For an everyday, natural look it has to be Anastasia on the other hand for a more put together look I would opt for Kevyn - (We're on first name basis you see! haha).  Either way these are two of my favourite eye brow discoveries, both pencils allow you to define easily, last all day and best of all they don't make your eyebrows look heavily drawn on. 

What do you guys use for your brows? I'm really eager to try out the Anastasia Brow Pomade! Have any of you used it? 

Lots of Love 


  1. i love the anastasia one! But I'm popping into Space Nk when I'm in Edi, so will defos check out the Aucoin one now. Thanks!



  2. I have Pomade at the moment, and I do find I have to be more careful/precise when applying it, but it does then stay put all day (which was the problem I was having with powders). I would love to try Brow Wiz next though. I have black brows, but got the dark brown shade of Pomade rather than ebony, as I have never used black to fill them in. Is Ebony properly black or just very dark brown? x

    1. I was so used to wearing black on my eyebrows so ebony was a really good match! It's probably the darkest you will find! I love it, even the dark brunette Kevyn Aucoin is really close to black! x

  3. I use the pomade in the colour chocolate brown and I love it, although it's easy to get carried away. This results in the "drawn on" look! I really like how fast it takes me though. Keep us posted if you try the pomade and what you think of it. P.S. I also use it as a liner so I like the dual purpose.
    ~ Siya

  4. I shall try the Kevin one now I think sounds promising

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  6. I'm currently loving the go brow brunette kit and mac spiked. I tried the pomade in chocolate it didn't work out looked ashy on my skin tone (nc 50)

  7. I have the same problem i was getting bored of my pencil because o the 'Drawn On' effect, so think i might have a try of this one. Thanks hun x

    Anna-Maria |

  8. I use the Kevyn Aucoin Precision, in brunette. It has revolutionized my eyebrow routine, I was a eye shadow and angle brush girl until Kevyn. I love the brush on the end that keeps it from looking so drawn on, easily bendable and natural coloring.
    The Divine Diabetic


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