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As if Friday creeps up this quick - Who's complaining though!? It's been a busy week with lots of meetings and exciting things in the pipeline. I'm looking forward to the weekend, I'm having a much needed massage tomorrow morning, my body feels physically battered lately so I'm hoping this does the trick. I'm then hosting a brunch in the afternoon, I'm going to attempt to get creative and bake some goodies - Who knows I might share some recipes with you.. Anyways let's get on with the maquillage! 

#FridayFaceOff 5

As if Friday creeps up this quick - Who's complaining though!? It's been a busy week with lots of meetings and exciting things...

Today I'm raving about radiance, YES you heard radiance - Right now I am all about dewy, fresh and glowing skin - Yes Spring/Summer I am ready for you. I used to be all for matte skin, but over the years I've realised how much I appreciate radiant, youthful looking skin - Maybe it comes with old age and me trying to hold on to my early twenties HAHA? I wanted to share some of my current must haves that have revolutionised my radiance routine - No exaggeration!

Ready for Radiant Spring Skin!



My brows are naturally quite dark, full and thick - I went through a period in my teens where I thought it was cool to pluck them all off - Thankfully for me and being hairy (THANKS DAD) they grew back! For years I filled in my eyebrows using an angled brush and a black eyeshadow. This all changed as soon as I discovered Anastasia's Brow Wiz last year in New York - Ever since, I've been sold - it was a real game changer

Battle of the Brows



I'm obsessing over nude nails for Spring. If I'm honest, despite an incredibly overwhelming nail polish collection I've been rather uninspired when it comes to painting my nails. A couple of weeks ago I was having a mooch around Superdrug and picked up two nude shades by Barry M.

Nude Nails for Spring


Now colour correctors and highlighters can be used in many ways but today I wanted to share with you my favourites when it comes to brightening underneath the eyes. I suffer from mild insomnia and as a result over the last few months the dark circles under my eyes have become increasingly apparent. It's something that tends to get me quite down because it's a problem that's out of my control and there's little I can do. I have found a few products which help me feel less conscious about my panda eyes - These correct the colour and add instant brightness. 

Brighten Those Bags!


Sunday evening again - my weekend went according to plan (if you read this post) I successfully managed to spend the whole weekend in my onesie on the sofa watching movie, after movie with the odd Friends episode thrown in - Result! For today's Everyday Essentials I wanted to focus on Body Brilliance - These are everyday body products that we don't think too much of, but generally they make us feel that little bit better in our own skin

Everyday Essentials #4 - Body Brilliance



I have become somewhat obsessed with wearing a wrist full of bracelets and bangles, most of which I never take off,  somehow I feel a little naked without these! I'm forever adding to my wrist candy and today I wanted to give special love to one of my favourite brands for delicate, eye-catching wrist pieces - Astrid & Miyu. 

Loving/Wearing - Wrist Candy


Last week at LFW I had the incredible opportunity of meeting with one of MAC's senior make up artist to have my make up done and discuss all things beauty. Fabiana Gomes is based in Brazil and is the senior artist for South America. It was so exciting meeting with Fabiana  she was great to talk to, her energy was amazing despite being extremely jet lagged. We talked about all things MAC and of course I had to find out what products the Brazilian beauties favoured (Believe it or not Snob and Ruby Woo are two of the most popular lipsticks!)

Meeting MAC Senior Artist Fabiana Gomes #LFW



Finally Friday and BOY do I need it, it's been such a long week - I actually don't think I've recovered from LFW, it's really taken it's toll on me this season - I must be getting too old for it haha! Nevertheless the weekend is here, I am going to make sure it's a low key one - All I want is a weekend in my onesie, accompanied by movies and food! So if you need me I'll be moulded in the sofa with little intention to move! Another week and another #FridayFaceOff - I am really enjoying these, it forces me to be a little more adventurous with my make up and make use of my forever, expanding collection!

#FridayFaceOff 4



It was such a surprise when The Smashbox Fulll Exposure Palette  landed on my desk, NO exaggeration, I stared silently at this palette in awe  - It's such a STUNNER! At first I didn't want to use it, it sat so perfectly untouched on my desk and I was mesmerised by it's beauty and of course the sparkles - I then grew increasingly eager to have a play AND believe me that is what I did! I have been using this palette all throughout the week - the verdict you say? 

I have pretty much fallen in love. 

Palette Perfection


In my opinion there's no better feeling than putting on PJs and having a pre slumber pamper! I suffer so much with lack of sleep that I try as best as I can to relax and unwind in the evenings - I have got myself a little night time regime which these days I'm secretly enjoying more than mornings of make up madness! 

Pre-Slumber Pamper Party!



I'll be the first to admit that I can't live without powder! I don't find my skin to be particularly oily if anything it's quite the opposite - but I still feel incomplete if I don't set my make up with a powder. On most days I'll apply my make up in the morning and use a loose powder to set it, I very rarely touch up throughout the day - Mainly because I forget to bring a compact with me and we all know it's not about loose powders on tho go! I wanted to give you a heads up on some of my favourite finishing powders, all of these are loose powders as I generally prefer them read on to find out why!?

Ready, Set, Powder Perfect!


Happy Sunday honeys! I hope you've all had a great weekend, I can't believe it's almost over. Like, seriously where does the time go? For today's Everyday Essentials I thought I would do a LFW special edition, these are some of the key things I carry with me when I'm on-the-go, running between shows. This year I feel a little more organised and wanted to share some of my Essentials. 

Everyday Essentials #3 - LFW Edition

jc1 copy

Step into Spring with the latest additions to the Juicy Couture fragrance family. The Limited Edition Malibu collection captures the essence of the typical fun loving, free spirited, Californian girl - whether it be surfboard sassy or effortlessly glam these two scents have such a feel good factor and have me daydreaming of endless sunshine.

Juicy Couture Malibu Collection


Time for that #FRIDAYFACEOFF again it's been a manic week and today LFW kicks off so the weekend is going to be a little CRAY. Can we just take note - Valentines day and a red lip? believe me it was TOTAL coincidence! 

#FridayFaceOff 3


Last week I paid a little visit to 'Boots' and 'Superdrug' (drugstores) I wanted to have a little scout around the make up isles and see what I goodies I could haul. I didn't really know what I wanted, although I did want to check out the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms. I'm always a little late when it comes to products that create hype in the beauty world - but hey I prefer to go at my own pace - Haha! 

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm - Shameless


This Thursday the 13th sees the counter launch of MAC's latest VIVA GLAM collaboration with Rihanna. The lipstick and the lipglass, are bold, bright and capture the essence of Rihanna's fierce, confident character. The MAC VIVA GLAM line has been going since 1994 and as always, the full selling price goes towards helping those living and affected by HIV/AIDS. This collaboration is the perfect way to celebrate 10 years of VIVA GLAM.



This March sees the launch of another exciting collection from MAC and this one is certainly going to get you geared for Spring. Whether it's pretty pinks and pastel peaches, or earthy browns and gorgeous greens this collection definitely has something for you!

Coming Soon! MAC A Fantasy of Flowers


I wanted to try something new on MouldyFruit because of the overwhelming response I got when I wrote THIS post. In that original post I shared how difficult I found it to express happiness. As a result of that post, I started looking forward to the new year and wanted to determine how I could make it as positive and happy as possible. I broke it down in to five key areas that personally work for me. I figured if this is helping me, then it may also be of help to some of you out there. Here's to making 2014 a great one for us all. 

Mouldy's Motivational Monday - Making 2014 Positive!


Today I bring you an Everyday Essential for sure - Lip balm. I can't live without it and to be fair it's one of those products I'm forever losing therefore forever accumulating because I can NEVER find them when I need them. I wanted to share with you a selection of my favourites, I seem to go through all different textures, scents, packaging but always end up reverting to some of these classics

Everyday Essentials #2 - Battle of the Balms

ffri copy

It’s Friday already? As if, I feel like this week has flown by but I also feel like it’s been a long week. This week saw me say goodbye to 3 inches of my hair but I embraced it and now you're saying hello to this new shorter do! There’s something about changing my hair that usually has me wanting to change my make up. I haven't had the chance to have a play with make up, it's been a bit of a hectic week, I'm hoping there's plenty of time to play this weekend! 

#FridayFaceoff 2


If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed, a couple of days ago I decided to cut 3 inches off of my hair! Usually I would have cried about such a drastic decision but this time I really embraced the change, I felt it was necessary and I was ready for it  - I must say I love it, it’s given me a new lease of life! Today I figured what better time, than NOW to share some of my Hair Heroes with you. These are a selection of products that I have been using in rotation over the last few months or so and consist of general hair care, styling and deep treatment products.

Hair Heroes!


Last week over a calorific, delicious (totally worth it!) raspberry tart I was shown some of the exciting Spring offerings from MAC. Today's post is a peek into the Prep + Prime CC Colour Correct collection. These days the typical beauty lover is obviously aware of products that may have at one time, predominantly been used by the pros - Colour correctors and skin enhancers are those kind of products. Trust me when I say the NEW Prep+Prime CC products are going to be ESSENTIAL to your everyday make up bag - And guess what? They're permanent!

Sssh! Sneak Peak - MAC Prep+Prime CC Colour Correct



MAC's Punk Couture is such an edgy collection and I absolutely LOVE it. For me collections like this are the epitome of make up - It's about exploring self expression, indiviudality, pushing boundaries, creativity and of course colour. While the collection may be a little out there for some, I absoultey adore it - it's all about having fun and needless to say I had plenty of that whilst playing with these badboys

MAC Punk Couture Collection



As if the first month of 2014 is already over - In some ways it felt like it dragged on forever, then on the other hand it flew by. I really feel like the month of January is about finding products that pick you up and lift your spirits. I know a lot of people can get a little blue in January what with the Christmas come down, failed resolutions & lack of money. To be fair everything I picked as part of my January Favourites were products I shopped from my stash! Continue reading for the low down on my favourite products and the video! 

January Favourites - The Low Down & The Video


I don't know if it's the same for you? But in my opinion Sunday Evenings swing around a little too soon for my liking. I'm sat here with a movie on, already contemplating getting into bed - How tragic. I'm back today with Everyday Essentials a feature I started last year, obviously I didn't stick to it - (Oops!) but here's to turning a new leaf, New Year and all. As my EE comeback (It's #1 because we're starting again!) I wanted to share my Go-To MAC 15 Pro Palette. 

Everyday Essentials #1 - My Go-To MAC Eyeshadow Palette


Weekends for me, are often low-key and I like it that way. I avoid making plans instead it's all about going with the flow. I usually go out on a Friday night so that come Saturday I still feel like I have a full weekend ahead of me.  The Weekends mainly consists of friends, family, food and the occasional frolicking. Believe it or not I prefer to adapt a low maintenance approach to my make up or sometimes no make up at all on the weekends (Depending on what's going on!) because as much as I enjoy wearing make up and getting glammed up I love nothing more than, being home and make up free! 

Weekend Wonders

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