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Cloud Nine have recently released their touch technology straighteners that power on and activate by touching the plates together. There are two heat settings 195/165 and these badboys heat up almost instantly (great for me as I'm always running late!). Personally the best thing however, is that they auto switch off. I am forever wondering if I turned my straighteners off, I'll get in the car and have to drive back to check (annoying!) The C9 Touch is the ideal solution - They turn off within minutes, FINALLY Peace of mind!


The straighteners themselves are fab, they allow you to create sleek, smooth straight styles, alternately they are amazing for waving and curling your hair. If you regularly read my blog or follow my YouTube channel you may know I create my curls/waves with straighteners. The barrel on the C9 Touch is perfectly rounded, so whether you are creating loose waves or springy curls these work wonders. 

I've pretty much tried most the straighteners on the market - I used to avidly use GHD's, then for the last few years I've stuck to my Sedu straighteners which I adore but now I can see myself replacing them with the C9 Touch. There's something about using new straighteners which makes you realise your previous ones were getting on a bit! 

Check out the C9 The Touch HERE

(Here's to no more worrying about whether I left the straighteners on!) 

Lots of Love


  1. hey thanks for this zara about time they come up with something like this i totally agree. Your hair looks amazing xx

  2. I have these.great for thick hair

  3. Such a good idea! I've always thought with modern technology today, straighteners should be able to cool down themselves!
    alicekatex ♥

  4. I'm a bit like that myself as I usually call up my mum to double check I turned them off lol #terrible X


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