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Nude - Miracle Mask


January is the month where most, vow to approach the year differently making changes to 'Better' onself. I'm anti resolutions but as a result of excessive, festive feasting and late night frolicking in December, my skin is now paying the consequences. SO it was time for some New Year skincare changes, what does one do? Turn to a 'Miracle Mask' and hope that it really does, work MIRACLES! 

I've used Nude products on and off over the years, I love the simplicity of the brand and the natural ethos they adapt. The products work well, they're free from nasties (Parabens, sulfates etc) and generally leave your skin feeling fabulous. I've been using the Miracle Mask twice a week since the beginning of January and I'm already loving it - January favourites you say? Indeed! Using this has improved the texture of my skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth - More importantly it has helped to give my skin that glow it was lacking, it's working wonders. 

The consistency is fluid and lightly grainy, this helps to exfoliate the skin getting rid of all those dead skin cells that we don't like! I apply a small amount to a clean face, massage in circular motions, then leave on for about 5 minutes - I wash away and VOILA! Instant brightness. This has been the perfect 'Pick me up' product for this dreary month of January. 

I'm also motivated and committed to eating clean, I had gone a little off the rails in December but now I'm feeling positive to continue the year eating well and being healthy. As much as skin care can often save the day, a combination of eating right, sleeping well (which I don't) and drinking lots of water really does help! I notice such a difference in my skin when I'm doing all the right things. 

So glad to be back on track and with the helping of Nude's Miracle Mask which has given my face that boost it needed. 
Check it out HERE

Have any of you tried this 'Miracle Mask'? What are your favourite facial exfolaitors? masks? scrubs? 

Lots of Love 


  1. This sounds so nice, have never heard of nude before.

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  2. I absolutely love your blog Zara!!


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