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Bettina - Marshmallow


Stumbling across Bettina nail polishes was a complete fluke, I'm going to set the scene. Picture this its 9AM I'm in Miami I've just come back from my morning run along South Beach - I return to my hotel room and the friend who's on vacay with me is on the phone having a domestic with her boyfriend - The energy in the room was killing me so I turned around, walked back out, head down Collins and did what I do best - ended up pursuing the isles in Walgreens. I was filling my basket with the usual unnecessary beauty bits when I was instantly drawn to a small stand of nail polishes by the cash register, low and behold - BETTINA


If you know me I am sucker for an opaque nail polish, even more so ones that are milky, pink tones! The colours were amazing and two for $5 was hardly a dent in my wallet . If I'm honest I wasn't expecting too much from this nail polish but BOY did Bettina polishes surprise me! Not only is the consistency amazing, the colour I bring you today 'Marshmallow' is absolutely gorgeous. Two coats and it's the perfect, off white nail polish with such a slight hint of pink. I love that it's softer than white I find it looks much nicer against my skin tone. The best thing of all, it doesn't chip - Like, seriously for a white nail polish, this has to be the best I've tried! 


I have such a large collection of nail polishes but there are such few shades I frequently use, since the end of last year this has been one of my GO-TO nail polish. I absolutely adore it. 


I just wish I'd picked up some more! Oh well next time ;) 

You may be able to get hold of Bettina products online, check them out HERE. I know you can get hold of them in Walgreens in Florida Fo SHO! 

Lots of Love


  1. Great non-Tippexy colour. 32 trips to Miami and counting and without fail the first thing I do after checking in is head to Walgreens or CVS. Don't recall ever seeing that bettina brand - one to look out for next trip!

  2. I cannot for summer so that I can tan and wear white nail polish. Looks lovely against your skin tone Xx

  3. Bettina is a brand from Puerto Rico so their polishes actually sell for about $3 which is awesome because most of them are really nice quality. Marshmallow is such a pretty color, great find! x

  4. Yeap! they from Puerto Rico my beautiful island, and this brand been arnd for EVER! Gorgeous colors, great qualite......BIG SCORE ZARA


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