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Today I bring you my 2013 Best of Eyes Edition, for me eye make up is one of the most exciting parts of getting ready. I love experimenting, I'm not scared to be dramatic and a life without liner is incomplete.


NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
This has become possibly my favourite eye shadow primer of all time! Now to think of wearing eyeshadow without applying this is a major NO-NO. I adore the creamy texture that mattifies and clings on to the colour of shadow - I find that this base not only intensifies the pigment of the shadows, your eye make up lasts throughout the day and best of all - NO creases. 


MAC Sketch 
This beautiful plum eyeshadow has probably been my most reached for colour of 2013. Instead of standard browns in 2013 I definitely introduced richer, plum tones to my everyday eye palette. Sketch is one of those MUST HAVE colours, it has a lovely soft shimmer to it and works well in so many ways. 

MAC Concrete 
A matte, slightly khaki brown eyeshadow that is just perfect for intensifying a soft smoke eye. I love using this colour in the crease and as my hair got lighter towards the end of the year I found this was perfect for filling out my brows. 

MAC Mulch 
My favourite, warm, shimmery brown eyeshadow. I love love love this colour on my eyes it's my go to choice of brown and has replaced my love for 'Satin Tauple' - As you can probably tell I've hit pan so you know just how much it's adored. 

MAC Beauty Marked 
Like, Possibly the best MAC eyeshadow EVER? My love for this colour goes beyond words. I use this almost every time I create a smokey eye, I love that it's not as flat as black but instead a deep, dark burgundy with purple sparkles. It blends beautifully in to most eye colour combinations I create and is one that I would not be able to live without.  

By Terry Black E/S 
Sadly now discontinued, however By Terry's matte black eye shadow has been one that I have used on a daily basis for ages. I actually used to use this to fill in my brows as it worked well with my then, jet black hair. It's also just a fab, matte black eyeshadow that is so easy to apply and work with.

[Check out my YouTube Channel to see how I use these products]


Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner 
Definetley my favourite gel liner of the year, creamy in texture, applies like a dream and super intense in colour - What more could you want from an eyeliner? Oh did I mention it lasts all day? 
L'oreal Black SuperLiner Perfect Slim
A late love of 2013 but BOY! this pen style eyeliner is amazing. The fine nib allows you to create free flowing lines and defined flicks so effortlessly. It's SUPER black, which is a MUST when it comes to eyeliner and it's a drugstore product so no hefty price tag. 

Sephora Lash Amplifier 
Perfect for combing through the lashes, adding extra volume. I tend to use these before I apply mascara and gently after once I've applied a coat. I find using these really defines my lashes and the shape of the curlers fits the eye so well . 


Shu Uemura Eyelash curlers 
Not much of an explanation needed, only that I have to use these batboys everyday. Best lash curlers ever, they fit your eye so perfectly and make applying mascara a dream. 


Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara
Best mascara of 2013 for sure, the super chunky brush allows you to create length and major volume. I like that you can really build with this mascara for a full on lash effect. I also found it lasted ages without drying up like most high end mascaras usually do. 

Anastasia Brow Wiz 'Ebony' 
The biggest game changer of 2013 was my brow routine, after hearing so much hype about Anastasia's Brow Wiz I picked one up in New York and I must say I haven't looked back. I usually hate eyebrow pencils because they end up looking so drawn on. This however is perfect, it doesn't make your brows appear heavy, or overly nor is the pencil waxy in texture - Brow Perfection!


Have any of you tried these products? What were your Eye essentials in 2013?
Lots of Love

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