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A friend of mine recently gifted me an Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick,  I was super excited to give it a go as I'd heard great things about these and you know how much I adore my long lasting lip colours. Muse - the colour looked gorgeous, a beautiful, bright coral - Ok it's a little late and probably a tad off season but if there's anything about me you should know, it's that I'll wear what I want, when I want to! So even though shade would be so well suited to Summer it doesn't mean you can't rock the brights in the darker days! 


Hourglass - Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick 'Muse'

A friend of mine recently gifted me an Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick,  I was super excited to give it a go as I'd heard g...

Beauty tools to me, are so essential - Over the years I have built up a great collection and I do believe they are the heart and soul of my make up routine. The Beauty Blender was created by Hollywood make up artist Re Ann Silva, it has since become a kit staple for many make up artists. Mario Dedavonic, (make up artist to the Kardashians) was the first one who brought this PINK, egg shaped sponge to my attention. Was this teeny, tiny, pink sponge the secret behind Kim's flawless face? If so, I had to give it a go! Recently I managed to get my hands on one of the iconic Beauty Blenders and here's my verdict. 


Calm after the storm!

Don't you think the weather has the biggest affect on our moods? I do. I know as soon as the days get darker there's nothing more I want than to be at home, warm and cosy watching the cold, wet weather from the inside. Nothing gets me more in the mood than a bit of pampering during my evenings of rest and relaxation. What better way to unwind than with Aromatherapy Associates.

I've been a huge fan of AA for years now and you may have read my previous posts on their luxurious bath and shower oils. More recently I was invited down to their store in Knightsbridge for a deeper delve into the world of Aromatherapy Associates.

Unwind, Rest & Relax with Aromatherapy Associates


Laura Mercier Faux lash is my MUST HAVE mascara of the moment, I have been using it for a good month or so and I must say it's AMAZING. I adore the full, thick brush which really allows you to create length and volume from your lashes. Now I'm not going to lie - I do naturally have quite long, full lashes BUT I do know a good mascara when I come across one AND this is definitely one of them.


Laura Mercier - Faux Lash Mascara


EE - NO, not the mobile network provider, but a new weekly feature I want to try on MouldyFruit. I present to you 'Everyday Essentials' - I was thinking about the amount of products I use on a daily basis and there are so many that I never get round to writing about, or even revisiting on the blog. I want everyday essentials to be about those products that I enjoy using day to day and as it's a weekly feature, products I've enjoyed using throughout the week.

This week I wanted to share two products that I have been using as part of my everyday make up routine for the last month or so. I haven't featured them on MF so I thought this would be a great way to kick my first EE post. Both of these products I use to prime my skin before I apply my foundation (etc.) I find they help in evening out the tone and texture of my skin. Also I find they leave my skin looking radiant, brighter and generally a lot healthier. 

Everyday Essentials #1 - Shu Uemura & By Terry


Fusion is one of the latest nail polishes from Illamaqua's #Creators collection. It's such an incredibly, rich chocolate colour that has a gorgeous sparkle to it - on the nails it's beautiful because the tone changes as it catches the light. It kind of reminds me of OPI's My Private Jet and I love it, I love it even MORE because it was created by one of my closest friends Yinka from Vexinthecity. I feel so proud to be wearing this colour and I know it's going to be another nail polish that gets a lot of loving this season.

Illamasqua - Fusion



I am through and through a Juicy fragrance girl, I absolutely adore Viva La Juicy -  by now I'm sure you all know that it's my everyday fragrance - it's basically Mouldy in a bottle! I've tried some of the various editions of this scent which I do like, but I always revert back to the original. A few months ago Juicy Couture launched - Viva La Juicy Noir which has already become my fragrance of Autumn/Winter - It was inevitable that I would fall in love with this scent and there are many reasons why!

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Noir


I used to be one of those people that would stick to one foundation and for years it was the MAC Studio Scuplt but since I last finished it, I decided to try some new ones and rediscover my love for some old favourites. NARS Sheer Glow is a foundation I've used on and off for a few years and lately I have gone back to using it. It's a foundation that is adored by many and after using it again I know exactly why! Right now I adore it! 


NARS - Sheer Glow Foundation


The Carmex Healing Cream is that perfect pick me up product, one of those mini's you can effortlessly pop into your make up bag. I purchased this cream up when I was at the checkout in Walgreens in New York. This is a cream you can pretty much use anywhere and everywhere - it's fabulous for dry and chapped skin and I can already see this having a constant place in my winter make up bag. I've been sick for the best part of two weeks so this has honestly been a little saviour. It's also great for hands and feet because of the non greasy texture. What more could you want for a dollar! 

This is definitely one of my Winter picks! 
Check out the Carmex healing cream HERE

Lots of Love

Carmex - Healing Cream


I'm sure by now you guys know about my love affair with Astrid and Miyu's jewellery, you can click the label below and see some of the wonderful jewellery I already own by them. And guess what? They've done it again - Astrid and Miyu have made me fall in love with pretty, delicate, dainty jewellery and these two bracelets are the latest additions to my arm candy. I'm all about my bracelets lately, I absolutely love layering them and I adore how the 'Eye See You' bracelet and the 'Angel' bangle compliment the rest of my everyday bracelets. Astrid and Miyu's jewellery is so gorgeous, unique and I'm always so excited to receive something new from them.

Astrid & Miyu Arm Candy + Discount Code!


I have had this nail polish quite a while now and when I initially received it I have to admit it wasn't my favourite of the monochrome collection. The other day I decided to give it another go and WOW I can not believe how much I adore this black leather nail polish, I'm not too keen on the whole textured nail polish craze - BUT this! Even the photographs don't do this nail polish justice! I know 'NoHo' is going to be a favourite of mine this Autumn/Winter. 


Nails inc. - NoHo Black Leather


As my week of MAC reds comes to an end I wanted to share the last of my seven picks, today I bring you MAC Pro long wear lip creme in 'Prolong'. I don't think these lipsticks are given as much loving on the bloggersphere as they deserve - they really are awesome. The consistency of these lipsticks is gorgeous when you first apply them they feel glossy, creamy and hydrating on the lips. After a few minutes the lipstick dries to a matte finish and honestly the stay put for hours. I think i've eaten, drunk and (Accidentally) fallen asleep with this lipstick on and they don't budge!


MAC Week of REDs - Day 7 'Prolong'



Brave Red is a shade by MAC that I was pleasantly surprised by -  At first I didn't think I would like it because of the Cremesheen finish. Don't get me wrong! I adore the feeling of Cremesheens on the lips, they are so creamy and nourishing BUT I generally prefer the nude tones over the brighter colours - When it comes to red, for me? it has to be matte! Brave Red really impressed me, the lipstick is so pigmented, the colour is great and the semi glossy finish in actual fact is quite pretty. 


MAC Week of REDs - DAY 6 'Brave Red'


On this fabulous Friday I bring you another gorgeous red by MAC, I think this was the second red lipstick I purchased and of course this is another cult classic. 'MAC Red' is such a signature colour for MAC hence the name.The finish of this lipstick is satin and is probably one of the very few satin lipsticks by MAC that I truly adore. It has a gorgeous, semi glossy finish to it, it's super pigmented and lasts for hours on the lips - It looks amazing on!

MAC Week of REDs - Day 5 'MAC Red'


Today I bring you another MAC red, this is actually one of my mums favourite lipsticks and obviously became one of mine, so much so I purchased my own. Chili by MAC is another orange based red but is a lot warmer on the lips. In my opinion Chili is a 'Brick' red and has a brown undertone to it which makes it amazing on warmer skin tones. 


MAC Week of REDs - Day 4 'Chili'


Hey lovelies.. I uploaded a recent make up tutorial and wanted to share it with you on here, because quite frankly it is becoming my go to Autumn, evening look. I love the soft, sultry eyes and then the bold berry lip. I had so much fun wearing this look when I was in New York, when I first purchased the Sephora Dark Berry lip stain and since then it's a look I find myself wanting to wear more and more. I used my beloved lip stain but of course there are so many beautiful berry/burgundy lipsticks on the market that you can easily adapt this look to your own products.


I also find that if you aren't brave enough for the lip (I'll admit it took me some getting used to!) then you can always improvise with a red! However Halloween is round the corner and if you don't like to dress up then you could always rock a look like this haha! 

For full product info open in YouTube :) 

Hope you guys like it! 
Lots of Love 

A/W Berry, Bold Lip Tutorial - Video & Photos


There's no other word to describe this lipstick but FIERCE, Lady Danger really is one of those reds that stands out from all my others. It is by far one of the best orange based reds I have ever worn - it's amazing on, it's vibrant, it's sexy and it's so eye catching. 


MAC Week of REDs - Day 3 'Lady Danger'


Weekly Wants - A/W Picks with Littlewoods


Instagramming Part 30.. NYC, Miami, NYC & Paris!


Russian Red is my second pick for the week and is another gorgeous red by MAC. Although it may not seem it in the pictures it's definitely a deeper, more muted red than Ruby Woo. Once on Russian Red is lot more cooler toned, to me it's more of a tomato red and I really enjoy wearing it during the day. 


MAC Week of REDS - Day 2 'Russian Red'


I'm starting off this wonderful week with the first pick from my 'MAC Week of REDs!'. For the next seven days I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite MAC red lipsticks. I think a red lipstick should be staple in any woman's make up bag and these days there are so many different textures, tones and finishes - So there's something out there to suit everyone. 

I wanted to start the week with a complete cult classic 'Ruby Woo'. This was the first, ever red lipstick I ever purchased and to be honest I was hesitant to wear colour on my lips and I was unsure if it would suit me. Nevertheless I went straight in at the deep end with this gorgeous, bold, bright lip and boy am I glad I did. I adore it and will always have so much love for Ruby Woo, it started off my love affair with red lippies!


MAC Week of REDS - Day 1 'Ruby Woo'


Hey guys! Hope you are all well, wanted to upload my September favourites to the blog because September I felt as if I was so quiet online. To be fair I was travelling in the USA for almost three weeks and Paris for a week that there really wasn't much time to upload as I had hoped. I really apologise for that, I hate not speaking to you lot! I am well and truly hoping to make it up to you over the next few weeks and especially in the lead up to the festive season. There already feels like I have so much to share and I am the kinda person that wants to bombard you with everything right here, right now! BUT I won't haha..So for now I will leave you with my September favourites video. 

Are you all well? Wrapping up warm? London is freezing - it's crazy, it's as if we've jumped from Summer to Winter! 

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with new videos. 
Lots of Love 

September Favourites Video


Last Monday I had the pleasure of dining with Birchbox, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening discussing beauty products over delicious food and with great company. If you guys know me by now you will know how much I adore anything personalised so when I sat down and discovered my name place on the table was a customised, bespoke acrylic Muji Birchbox filled with cute, miniature products; you will know how excited I was. One of the founders Katia joined us for dinner and had hand picked some of her favourites which were included in our boxes, some of these are favourites of mine too, especially the Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel and of course the ever so popular Bioderma. 


This is just a quick post to let all my fabulous readers know of a giveaway I'm holding with Birchbox on Twitter. All you have to do is Tweet me @Mouldyfruit and hashtag #BBXBESPOKE and you too could be in with a chance of winning your very own bespoke Muji Birchbox as well as a FREE 6 month subscription! Amazing or what!?

This giveaway will end on Wednesday 16th October! So be sure to get Tweeting - Make sure you're following me on Twitter HERE

Lots of Love 

Birchbox #BBXBESPOKE Giveaway!


From the hair, to the eye make up and of course the lips this is possibly the complete opposite to the look of the one in my last post! Now as much as I love my bold, statement lips there are days where I prefer easy, minimal fuss make up and I am sucker for that perfect nude lip. It was only the other day when I was having a rummage through my drawers and I discovered the new Colour Rush Balms by Rimmel. Now these are quite similar to most other tinted balms on the market but I completely fell in love with the colour of this one -  'Drive me Nude' is a soft nude with just the right amount of pink to it, it's definitely a 'your lips but better' colour!


Rimmel - Colour Rush Balm 'Drive Me Nude'


There used to be a day where I would obsess over the latest offerings from MAC and convince myself I needed everything, these days I honesty I can't keep up with the new collections from MAC. It seems as soon as a new collection drops all the must have items are gone within seconds. I thought this would be the case for the latest MAC and Rihanna collection, so I didn't pay too much attention to it. I must admit when I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline on the day of it's launch, I did feel a little left out that I hadn't jumped at the chance to buy something. However on Friday I was out shopping and popped into MAC to have a mooch and a play (As you do!). I then spotted the RiRi 'Talk that Talk lipstick' and totally fell in love. It's such a gorgeous, intense, deep berry shade and the texture is so matte it feels and almost looks like velvet on your lips - Just my luck they were in stock because there was no way I was leaving without it!


MAC x RiRi 'Talk that Talk' Lipstick

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