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Concealer has to be one of those products that I'm never fully satisfied with. I find it so difficult to find one that I enjoy using and would consistently repurchase. Tell me I'm not the only one? I've just haven't found 'The One'. I genuinely believe no product will fully conceal the areas I'm concerned with (especially my dark circles - I blame lack of sleep!). Personal rant over, a few months back I  heard about the new NARS radiance concealer and I was intrigued! It launched last month exclusively to Selfridges (UK) and now is available nationwide. 


The coverage is pretty amazing, it's definitely a full coverage concealer but in no way does it feel heavy on the skin. NARS have seriously done me proud with this, at first I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm convinced that this is going to be a favourite of mine for a while. 

The applicator is a doe foot (I never understand this word) I find this works best if you dot the product around the eyes and blend with my fingers. I usually always use brushes but the warmth of my finger really helps to blends the product in seamlessly. These pictures do it no justice but in reality the area under my eyes is so much brighter. 

With the Radiant creamy concealer I had to go down a shade from the original one (I'm usually 'Biscuit') whereas with this one I'm 'Ginger'. I like how NARS have stuck to the same names for the shades, it definitely makes life easier!

I'm really loving NARS at the moment, first the Satin Lip Pencils and now this concealer.  I actually had a sneak peak at the new Summer collection - Its super bright and very exciting! 

Have any of you tried this new concealer? 
Check out the NARS Radiance concealer HERE

Lots of Love 

NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer

Concealer has to be one of those products that I'm never fully satisfied with. I find it so difficult to find one that I enjoy usi...

Urban Decay's Chill Make Up setting spray is the ideal staple for your Spring/Summer make up bag. Whether you are in a hot climate, travelling or generally want to feel refreshed - This is the product is for you! I have used many facial spritz over the years but I really like this one because it's so lightweight. I find that it cools and hydrates my skin without ruining your make up - Result! I think this is the perfect partner for holidays and sunshine, it can be used if you're wearing make or simply want to cool down. I have been using this over the last few days in Dubai and it's fabulous!


Have any of you tried this? I also love that the formula is Oil Free! UD's Chill Makeup setting spray is available HERE

Lots of Love 

Urban Decay - Chill MakeUp Setting Spray


I was pretty excited when I received this camera from Panasonic because it was just what I needed. The Panasonic Lumix XS1 is the perfect partner in crime, I say this because this dinky, stylish camera makes the ideal travel buddy. If you have followed me for a while you will know I am quite the traveller and while I love to capture every moment in photography, sometimes carrying around a DSLR camera becomes quite the chore (They're so bulky and heavy!). In comparison the XS1 is so slim and lightweight, it feels as if it's another bit of make up floating around my bag - It's actually smaller and lighter than my iPhone! I love the way in which it can creatively capture amazing photographs but what I love most is that it comes complete with HD video - Icing on the cake! 


The Lumix XS1 couldn't have come at a better time what, with my trip to Dubai. I intend on vlogging my vacation and I can't wait to show you what this little bit of technology is capable of! 

The pocket size, Panasonic Lumix XS1 comes in a range of colours and is available HERE. I must say I love the purple, it's bold, bright and makes a change from my usual choice of black/white technology. 

I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures with you, so be sure to subscirbe on YouTube for Dubai vlogs and follow me on Instagram for daily snaps!  

Lots of Love

Panasonic - Lumix XS1


Last week I was invited to a Cloud Nine event and was asked to be an ambassador representing shoulder length hair for the 'Know your hair, Love your hair' campaign. There were a few hair stylists demonstrating how to use the Cloud Nine  hair tools to create celebrity inspired looks. The inspiration behind my hair was Jessica Alba and the idea was to create soft, loose waves with the use of the waving wand.  My stylist Leigh explained how to create the look, he simply sectioned my hair and proceeded to wrap it around the wand. Once he'd done the whole hair he ran his hands through just softening the waves. I loved the finished look it was so much more relaxed than the way I usually style my hair.



I was given a wand to take home and asked to recreate the look, at first I was a little worried about using the waving wand - I mean it's a pretty scary looking tool. I already have enough war wounds from wands and straighteners! So I made sure I took my time to practice and perfect. The waving wand also comes with a glove so you can Billie Jean your way to wonderful waves. The wand heats up so quickly and the coating on the wand really leaves your hair super shiny. I followed the steps that Leigh explained and sectioned my hair and carefully wrapped bits around the wand. I think they key is to keep the hair overlapped when wrapping it around the barrel. 



I was so happy with the finished look, it's definitely a softer, smoother wave than I achieve with using straighteners. Once my hair cooled I ran my fingers through the curls and applied a little bit of product through it. (P.S I have had my haircut, so that's why it looks more volumous the layers are much shorter in the pictures where I recreated this look!)


I really love the result of using my Cloud Nine waving wand and I'm looking forward to using this in the future. Have any of you tried any of the Cloud Nine hair tools? check out the waving wand HERE. Also check out the Know your hair, Love your hair decision tree it's a fun way to find out more about your hair.


What do we think of the waves? And the shorter hair *cries*!? 

Lots of Love

Sponsored Post 

Cloud Nine - Waving Wand


I first discovered Mama Mio years ago when I was buying a gift for a friend who was expecting, little did I know that Mama Mio had an extensive line of products NOT just for pregnant women. The Omega Body Buff is one of those genius products that I have recently discovered. I always get more conscious of the texture of my skin in the lead up to Spring/Summer - Let's face it we all want to have smooth, soft, Summer ready skin and this product is perfect for that. The OMega Body Buff is designed to be applied to dry skin before getting into the shower/bath. I hate nothing more than getting in the shower to exfoliate and as soon as you apply a scrub to your body it slides right off - No Bueno!  This is why the Body Buff is ideal and so easy to use. 

I find that this product feels really nourishing on the skin because of ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The Body Buff works wonders at removing dead skin cells and does this in a non abrasive way. The micro ground pumice is the reason it is a light but effective exfoliation. I instantly noticed a difference from the first time using this product, it left my skin feeling fabulously soft and looking really radiant - Loving it! 

Have any of you checked out the Mama Mio range? What are your favourite Body scrubs? Are you guys getting Summer ready? How is it almost the end of April already? 

Check out Mama Mio's OMega Body Buff HERE

Lots of Love 

Mama Mio - OMega Body Buff


Teal and Purple have to be my favourite colours of this season, I like them alone and they work so well together. If you have read my post on Elizabeth Arden's Spring/Summer collection 'New York in Bloom' you would have already seen these gorgeous nail polishes. 


When make up brands tend to launch nail polishes I can't help but feel underwhelmed. I always think the colours are great but then the consistency or the application lets them down. This was the complete opposite with Elizabeth Arden's new limited edition nail polishes; the consistency is fantastic, they apply like a dream and the size of the brush fits my nail perfectly. 


'Teal Blossom' and 'Purple Orchid' are beautiful colours and I love that these nail polishes come complete with a top coat on the end - how ideal. I decided to paint my hands in alternate colours and YES I left it this way, I love how the colours compliment each other, they even matched my mug from my afternoon cuppa!


Check out the Elizabeth Arden's limited nail polishes HERE

Lots of Love 

P.S Thanks to Papa Fruit for taking the pics, you should have seen him trying to use my camera - we got there in the end think there may be a place for him behind the cam of MouldyFruit haha! 

Elizabeth Arden - Teal Blossom & Purple Bloom


I'm getting geared for some serious sunshine! Well not UK sunshine because let's face it, the thing about being British is that you begin to accept that there are no garuantees when it comes to the weather - although today is gorgeous! I'm heading to Dubai in a little over a weeks time and holidays are always the perfect occasion for new sunglasses. I am such a sucker for accessories, I definitely dress low key and jazz things up with jewellery etc. Before I had time to mooch around the shops I was contacted by the Sunglasses shop and was kindly gifted these gorgeous Ray-ban 4171 Sunglasses 'Erika'.

I already own a few pairs of Ray-ban Wayfarers but the shape of 'Erika' Is so much softer on my face -  they're round but not too round, I really like the thinner frames and they are matte black which I LOVE. I'm really fussy when it comes to sunglasses because they either end up giving me a huge headache (Sensitive head) or my eyelashes end up hitting the insides #EPICFAIL - These Ray-bans are just right!



Sunglasses shop offers a wide selection of brands in different shapes and colours, something to suit everyone. They offer great online savings, with free UK delivery - Oh and another great thing; They price match! So you end up with the best deal when buying from them.

Have you guys had a good weekend? I need to start packing, I have to pick up a few last minute bits and I've seen some panache swimwear I quite fancy! This week is going to be manic I'm going to Paris for the weekend to catch up with my girls, I get back to London for a day of press events then fly to Dubai the day after- I always do spontaneous things like this  then end up regretting them after - Uhoh, Ahh wells life's too short! 

Enjoy the sunshine, Speak Soon  

Ray-Ban Erika


For a good few years now I've become accustomed to using a balm based cleanser, I generally love the feel of them on my skin and I find them the most effective at cleansing my face and removing my make up. A few years ago I used to use the Shu Uemura cleansing oil which, really was a great product that would easily remove my make up. I thoroughly enjoyed using it but didn't feel as if it was doing a deep enough cleanse of my skin. I've pretty much come to the end of both my Emma Hardie cleanser and my Eve Lom so felt like I wanted to try something new.

 I noticed Shu Uemura had released a new 'oil-in-gel' cleanser and I wanted to give it a go to see how it differed from the oil. Firstly the consistency is light, I apply it to a full face of make up, massage it in and then wash away. I find this cleanser breaks down the majority of my make up but the downside is that I still need to remove my eye make up separately and you know me I'm one for minimal fuss - so it's a little annoying! I do, however love the feel of this cleanser on my skin-  I think it's perfect for Summer as it's so refreshing on.  

In my opinion this cleanser is better suited for the mornings instead of the evenings, it just doesn't give my skin a thorough enough cleanse - I do like it but I just don't LOVE it! I definitely find the cleansing oil from Shu Uemura is more effective than this gel formula. 

Have any of you tried this? I do like switching things up and I'm enjoying the texture of the gel, but will probably end up back to the balms! What kind of cleansers do you guys steer towards?

Check out the Shu Uemura pure:nu cleanser HERE.

Lots of Love 

Shu Uemura - Pure:Nu Oil-in-Gel cleanser


Hey lovelies, a few weeks ago kindly sent me some of the Macadamia hair care range to try and I wanted to tell you a little bit more about it. I am still using the Moroccanoil Repair shampoo which I adore (you can read more about that HERE) but I have been incorporating some of the products from the Macadamia range into my hair routine and I'm really liking them. 

Firstly can we talk about the packaging, my mother rushed to put these in my fridge because for some reason she was convinced the bottles were salad dressing (HAHA). I do think there is something very 'Fridge-like about these bottles' but I must say I love the pretty pattern and the colours. 

The range is quite extensive and is focused around macadamia oil; A rich, nourishing oil that helps to restore hydration and shine. I am yet to try the shampoo but I have been using the nourishing leave-in cream as prep before I go on to  style my hair. What I've found is that it really smooths out my hair by taming the frizz. I love the texture of this cream, I usually find leave in products sticky and heavy on the hair, but this is lightweight and it leaves my hair looking super shiny. 


I'm sure you guys know by now that I love a good hair mask and this one is fab for dry and damaged hair. After using this I find my hair to be noticeably softer and smoother. Other products in this range that I am yet to try out include the moisturizing rinse  (essentially a conditioner), the shampoo and the treatment oil (I'm still finishing up my Moroccanoil). By the way the shampoo and conditioner are sulfate and paraben free - even better! 


I am really getting on well with the Macadamia range, in particular the leave in cream it's kind of replaced my trustee friend of years 'Frizz Ease' what I love about this products is the generous size (300ml) and the great price. 

Don't forget guys! you still have a few weeks for 10% off ALL haircare at BELLEZO.COM, they have such an extensive range of haircare it's really worth checking out. Just enter MOULDYFRUIT10 at checkout. Oh and FREE UK Delieveries and Returns - How FAB! 

You can check out the Macadamia Range HERE

Lots of Love 

Macadamia Haircare


Hey guys, April is well and truly underway and this is my March favourites video for those of you who haven't seen it. There really was a lot of loved products this month beauty and a few non beauty thrown in there for a bit of fun! I also mentioned in this video that I am heading to Dubai in a few weeks and next months favourites, will feature a special guest (No comment & I'm NOT telling! you guys will have to stay tuned). I am also thinking about vlogging while I'm over in Dubai - I think it's going to be a fun trip? Let me know what you guys think?

What have you guys been loving this past month? 

Can't wait to see you in my next favourites, super excited.

Lots of Love

March Favourites Video + Exciting News!


Today's post is slightly different and was inspired by two things. Firstly I had seen a moderation of this tag floating around YouTube and liked it but wanted to make it more specific to health and fitness. The reason why, is because since the beginning of the year I have embarked on a new journey, it has encouraged me to change my nutrition, fitness and general lifestyle for the better. A lot of inspiration and motivation has come from simple things like the apps on my phone and it made me realise how important these apps are at pushing me to 'be better'. It also made me realise that we live in an age of mobile technology and it really dominates our lives to the extent that I'm, personally unable to function without my phone! I remember being a teen with my first mobile from dialaphone, (all those years ago) and now in my mid twenties I rely so heavily on this small, pocket-sized piece of technology.  

I wanted to share a few of my favourite apps that I've found really helpful in getting myself motivated and generally helping me to adapt to this lifestyle change which is a journey that I am really enjoying. 

My Fitness Pal - FREE


This food diary is such a great app, it helps to monitor general eating throughout the day and really keeps track of your eating habits. The list of foods is amazing, it really takes in to consideration all types of food, condiments and drinks. It keeps on top of your daily calorie in take and you can add workouts to your day therefore changing your calorie allowance. I love how this app keeps track of your eating habits, workouts and weight on a daily basis, really making working towards a goal weight achievable.  

Nike Training App - FREE


I love this app, it's great for people who don't have the time to get to the gym or simply aren't a member at the gym. It allows you to workout in the comfort of your own home combining simple moves and workouts designed around your fitness goals. You can choose to get lean, toned, strong and focused, then there specific workouts designed for you. I enjoy the variety from this app and all the exercises are accompanied by videos showing you how to complete them. I used this app loads when I was living in Paris, it's perfect for living in small spaces. 

Instagram - FREE 


Now this app might seem a bit odd for health and fitness but I have to say I have found this so Instagram so inspiring and motivational in regards to eating clean and working out. It allows you to follow people who may be embarking on the same journey, it helps give me ideas/recipes for eating clean and some of the quotes I've read have been that push I needed to get me up and to the gym! Just #HASHTAG anything fitness related in the search bar and you'll be surprised! I can flick through pictures for HOURS. 

Daily Workouts - FREE


This is another great app for working out, I really like this app because it focuses on simple exercises for each area of concern. From legs, bums n tums this app has it all. Again with short videos that help demonstrate the moves for you to perfect. I often use this app at the gym when I'm doing ab exercises or using free weights for arms. I have found these short simple exercises really effective. 

Gymspired - FREE


This is such a cool app that I recently discovered, It's the ideal app for any fitness lover. It literally covers everything you need to get  in shape. From different kinds of calculators (I.e BMI, Pace, Reps) to tips on workouts. It also has a section on good foods to eat, with information on nutrition and another thing I love about this app is that it allows you to upload before and after pictures. I'm still a little new to this one but I'm already loving it. 

These are 5 of my top apps for general health and fitness I find them so useful. Do any of you use any of the above apps? What are your current favourite apps? Fitness/health related? or not? 

Hope you liked this post, I am working on a few more posts around health, nutrition and fitness hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them. 

Lots of Love

My Top 5 Motivational Health & Fitness Apps!


OK Forgive me! it seems I have the celebrity fragrance bug with the latest addition to my collection being Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna. I'm not really a Rihanna fan (sorry) but when I came across this fragrance I was instantly drawn to it. I am definitely one who is more for buying fragrances because of their scent as opposed to the brand. It's a relatively floral fragrance with the top notes being tuberose, violet and hibiscus this is blended beautifully with coconut water. It's quite an intense perfume but it's really, very sexy! There's something so distinctive about this smell, it's sweet but spicy and I love how it sits on my skin. The only disadvantage is that scent doesn't seem to last on me, but the 30ml bottle is the ideal size to pop into my handbag and carry around on the go. I am definitely experimenting a lot more with fragrances, changing them daily, depending on my mood.

Have any of you smelt this? Or any of the other fragrances by Rihanna?

Reb'l Fleur is available HERE

What are you guys wearing at the moment?
Lots of Love

Rihanna - Reb'l Fleur


When Elizabeth Arden's Spring collection 'New York in Bloom' arrived in the post I was beyond excited. Once I saw the packaging and the products I instantly fell in love! The collection itself is absolutely gorgeous and the colours are very on trend for this season; with teals and purples taking centre stage! 


Radiant Bronzing Powder 'Soft'


This has to be my favourite product from this collection, I was bedazzled by the beauty of this face powder, it's gorgeously embossed with flowers and the mosaic colour effect is so eye-catching. Even though this is a bronzer, I plan to use it as a highlighter as it has a gorgeous, soft iridescent, pearl-like finish to it - so pretty!

The eyeshadows in this collection are also gorgeous, similarly to the bronzer they are embossed with flowers and have three different shades which are perfect for creating numerous different looks. Until I wear these in a FOTD post, here's a  peak at the prettiness! 

Eyeshadow Trio 'Viridian Bloom' 


Eyeshadow Trio 'Violet Bloom' 


Nail Lacquer Duo in Teal Blossom & Purple Orchid


I can't wait to have a play with these nail polishes (you can expect nail posts soon!) How amazing are the colours!? I love that they come top Coat on the other end - Perfect! 

Bold Eye Pencil in Iridescent Teal and Terra


The mini eye pencils are great for carrying around, on the go! The teal pencil has a metallic finish to it which is lovely when the light hits it. Last year I really enjoyed wearing colours like this on my lower lash line and I might have to rock that look again with this beauty. The brown is really intense in colour but still warm, I think it's a great alternative to wearing black eyeliner and is a lot softer for Spring/Summer. 


I am so bored of wearing dark, dreary, muted make up it's about time I injected some colour back into my life and I know some of the 'New York in Bloom' products are going to be staples in my Spring make up bag!

Have you guys updated your make up bags yet? What do you think of this collection? The eyeshadows and bronzer are almost too pretty to use! 

Check out the Elizabeth Arden - New York in Bloom collection HERE

Speak Soon 
Lots of Love 

Elizabeth Arden - New York in Bloom Collection


Today well and truly (for the first time) felt like Spring in London. I was at my girl Tali's place, playing with make up (as you do) and I came across this beautiful lavender, lilac toned nail polish. 'You're such a Budapest' by OPI is part 2 of the Euro Centrale collection. I love how gorgeous this colour is against my complexion, it's the perfect pastel polish suited for whatever the weather. 


I applied two coats and it looked amazing, I adore how pretty my nails look against the Bluebells I had blossoming in the kitchen. On my ring fingers I thought I would jazz things up and added two coats of Victoria Secret's 'Supercharged'. I have never used anything from the VS make up line but Tali, being the huge VS fan she is assured me it was a winner! And OH BOY! It was! I must  go and check out more of their nail polishes, because this one is a beaut. 

Please can we excuse the burn on my litter finger, I clamped my hand in the straighteners *boo* 

What have you guys been wearing lately? I'm loving the lavender! 
Lots of Love

OPI - You're Such a Budapest & VS - Supercharged


Hey loves! I forgot to post this video I made a few weeks back on the blog. It's my 5 favourites NARS blushers. The 5 that I chose are a selection of great colours and gorgeous finishes. I really love NARS blushers maybe even more than MAC. I find that they dust onto the cheeks so perfectly and they are really buildable. Not to mention they come in a such a variety stunning of colours! 

Colours Mentioned 
Super Orgasm

Hope you enjoy! Are you guys fans of NARS blushers, like me? Which are your favourite? 
Lots of Love

My 5 Favourite NARS Blushers


I am a girl all about gold and I'm sure most of you know this by now. If you've been a reader of my blog for quite some time you will know that I adore jewellery, especially over the top statement pieces one of my favourite independent jewellery brands is Galibardy

I first discovered Galibardy when I used to frequent the Sunday up market in Brick Lane. I honestly used to spend hours trying on the jewellery limiting myself to buying one piece a week haha! Lisa and Blue are the fabulous couple behind the brand and I used to look forward to seeing them on Sundays. Sadly they are no longer there but have moved Galibardy to an online boutique filled with quirky, unique jewellery - right up my street! So much of the jewellery that I wear and you may see in my blogposts and videos is from them.

I kindly got to choose two new fabulous pieces from Galibardy and lately I have been obsessing over them!


First up is the 'Pharaohs' necklace, I have always been fascinated with Egypt and I've visited one too many times. So when I saw this piece I knew I had to have it!  It sits so perfectly on my neck and really jazzes up a plain outfit.


Next up is the 'Gold Buffalo Sun Pendant' I love how fierce this necklace is and I love the horns. It reminds me of my favourite Vin Diesel quotes from the movie the Pacifier: 

"If you mess with the BULL you get the HORNS" 


Even typing that made me chuckle! This necklace really is the ultimate statement piece, I love the brass finish, it's easy to clean and so durable. 

I adore my new Galibardy additions, you guys should check them out, they are so different from other online jewellery brands, the quality is fab and they so reasonably priced. Check them out HERE

Thank you so much to the wonderful Lisa and Blue for sending me these gorgeous necklaces! 

 You can see the Phahraoh necklace on me in my previous post and latest video


Lots of Love

Gold Galibardy Goodies!


Today NARS officially launched their new Satin lip pencils, they were exclusive to Space NK this past month and I am already obsessed with these bad boys. For those of you who have been regular readers of my blog or frequent viewers of my videos will know that I adore the NARS Velvet matte lip pencils and the glossy lip pencils, so it was no surprise that I fell in love with this collection of satin lip pencils. 

The texture is dreamy, they apply effortlessly to the lips and the creamy texture makes them so comforting on. The collection of colours is amazing, they are so pigmented and to be honest I want ALL of them BUT!  we must draw the line somewhere and the two I have for you today are going to be staples for my Spring make up bag. 

First up is Lodhi WOW no pictures does this colour justice it is such a gorgeous, soft, neon coral but with just the right amount of pink to it. When I first apply it I always think it's a bit much and a little in your face but then the colour settles on my lips so perfectly and I know this is going to be a killer combo with a tan. I am such a fan of soft corals on my lips and Lodhi is my new favourite. 




Next up is Isola Bella this colour still has a relatively coral base but is blended with warmer brown towns and I love that it's a nude with a hint of coral. Isola Bella is such an easy colour to wear and it works amazingly with smokey eyes and peachy cheeks. In the pics these two colours look very similar but I assure you in reality they're very different!



The NARS Satin lip pencils are definitely worth checking out and they come in 17 fabulous shades. I already have a wish list with more of these on it! 

Have any of you checked out NARS' previous pencils? Will you be checking out these? 
NARS Satin Lip Pencil's are £17.50 and available HERE

Lots of Love 

NARS Satin Lip Pencils - Lodhi & Isola Bella

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