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Umberto Giannini #7Days7Ways - Runway Ready


As day 3 of my #7Days7Ways hair challenge with Umberto Giannini I bring you 'Runway Ready'. Let's just say 'Backcomb in a Bottle' was my BFF when it came to creating this look. This style definitely proves a little product and some serious backcombing can completely change the texture, volume and look of your hair. I never wear my hair pushed back so creating this was a lot of fun, it's a little out of my comfort zone but it's a style that definitely grew on me. 


When it came to creating this look I washed my hair using the 'Ditch The Dirt Volume Shampoo' and the 'Plump and Sexy Volume Conditioner', I let my hair air dry and waited until it was damp to apply the 'Backcomb in a Bottle' generously to the roots of my hair. I then blasted my hair with the hair dryer, teased the roots using a comb and lastly spritzed a little more 'Backcomb in a Bottle'. I was amazed at how much volume and body this had created. I softly pulled back my hair and pinned it at the back of my head, using a few hair grips. I tried not to overly work my hair so that I wouldn't loose any of the lift. The shorter layers in my hair really added more movement and messiness to this look and I love that. 


I never usually wear my hair up so this was a nice change, I must say it felt super glam and really reminded me of an Adele up do. I love how effortlessly chic it looks, I think this is a fabulous hair style and how appropriate for the Festive season.

Will you be trying this Runway Ready look during the party season? Backcomb in a Bottle is definitely accompanying me on forthcoming nights out! 

For a talk through on this look check out the video below! 

Lots of Love


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