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ThisWorks - Deep Sleep Night Oil


I am probably the worst person when it comes to sleep! I have a terrible sleeping pattern and unfortunately I can function on minimal sleep which may sound like a good thing, but believe me it's not. More recently I have been finding it harder to sleep, I am still so jetlagged from NYC and I find myself falling asleep around 3am but still waking up at 7am. I decided it was time to give the thisworks - Deep Sleep Night Oil a go and i must say it's successfully sending me into sweet slumber.

I'd heard great things about the Deep Sleep range from thisworks so I was eager to try it and I must say I am so impressed with how my mind and body are responding to the night oil. This nourishing body oil has worked wonders at getting me to unwind before bed and I really am enjoying using it. I generally apply this all over my body after my evening bath and I love the way in which it absorbs into my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. It's so soothing on the skin and it really calms my body before I sleep. My mind is so active at night and the blend of lavender, camomile and vetiver works so well at relaxing me and allowing me to fully rest -  It also smells amazing!

My verdict? thisworks really works! 

Another thing love about the thisworks range is that it's natural - I think next up for me will be the deep sleep pillow spray. 
If you like me are having problems sleeping, or simply want to relax and unwind after a long day then be sure to check out the thisworks deep sleep night oil  HERE (It's currently on sale at ASOS) 

I must admit I haven't slept so well in a long time! 

Lots of Love


  1. its so funny you're posting about this Ive been so stressed recently and i saw this and was like OMG! I went to get it strtaight away. I bought the gift set kit from boots for like £40 for both the oil nd the spray. Im sure it worked the other night but I'm gona keep using it see how I go

  2. Definitely need to try this range out! My sleeping patterns are terrible!


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