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Saying Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to Happiness in 2014..


As 2013 comes to a close end I wanted to write a post that was a little different to what I usually cover on Mouldyfruit. I would like to think that as much as this is predominantly a beauty blog, I am still able to share parts of my life with you all. I feel that once you put yourself online the way in which I have over the last four years it's important for me to give, share and hopefully inspire people as much as I can. I mean even if this post inspires one person I feel like I have somewhat successfully accomplished something. 

I guess in this post I wanted to open up a little bit, I wanted to share some of me that maybe a lot of you are unaware of. It's actually part of me that is still quite hard for me to comprehend. For as long as I can remember I have found it hard to experience happiness, please don't get me wrong I am an extremely lucky girl and I feel fortunate for all my life experiences. I have endless amounts of gratitude towards my friends, my family, for what I have and what I have seen and learnt over the years. As another year ends and we move forward into a new year I always find myself feeling a little down - I dwell a lot on the negative instead of fully focusing on the positive. 

Now let me just say 2013 has been an extremely positive and fulfilling year for me in so many ways. I am so grateful for everything; the people I have met, the wonderful parts of the world I've visited, the opportunities I have had - it's been incredible. I am even grateful for those people who have left my life, for I am thankful for the memories they have left behind and the things I have learnt through the negative experiences. With all this being said, I still find it hard to express and even understand happiness - it's a process and I'm trying my very hardest to understand and progress through the journey. 

With 2014 looming I decided that I would create a 'Happiness Jar' for myself, for me to stop and appreciate even the smallest things in life. It could be as simple as a strangers smile or a song that makes you sing along. I am going to write down these precious, invaluable moments and collect them over the forthcoming year. This time next year I'm going to be able to open this 'Jar of Happiness' and I know reading through some of these (possibly forgotten) memories will bring me such joy. 


I am hoping this is the beginning of a journey that changes my outlook, the way in which I think and the way I feel about a lot of things. We live in a day where life flashes us by and we often forget to take a step back and appreciate what we have. As bad and as negative certain situations in your life  may be it's important to remember 

"It's a bad day, not a bad life" 

Someone close to me told me that this time last year and I like to think that in 2013, it was a quote that would often come to mind and help me power through. 

I am hoping this is the beginning of a happy year for myself and of course for you all. With this New Year I wish you all nothing but health, happiness & success. 

So why not create your own 'Happiness Jar' and with me hold on to the moments that make you smile, laugh and even cry tears of joy. 

2013 I loved you, you were great. I visited some incredible places in this amazing world. I connected with people that have forever left their mark on my life and I remembered what it was to smile, live in the moment and love myself. These memories will be cherished forever.

2014 Here's to finding Happiness..

Much love 


  1. This is such a lovely post. It's not too often where people are this honest about their personal lives (unless you live on Tumblr...). I too have struggled with being and feeling happy in the past. Even though I have come so far in my journey I still even now struggle with it sometimes. The biggest help to me was probably very similar to your happiness jar except I would write it in my planner. Everytime I did something fun or made a new friend I wrote it down in my yearly planner and when I feel down I like to reflect on it. The last couple of days I have read the entire thing from start to finish and I realized quite how much I had actually achieved and it was an amazing feeling because to look at it all singularly it didn't feel like much at all.
    I wish you the best of luck on your happiness journey and of course a happy new year :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  2. a happiness jar is a brilliant idea! xx

  3. Lovely post!! You reminded me to read over my jar from this year- as like you I tend to focus on the negative-will be nice to remember the good:) xxx

  4. Absolutely fantastic idea Zara! I also just recently stopped to appreciate the good in my life. Had always been such a pessimist and did not even know how bad I had become. I am now all about optimism and expecting nothing but the best in all aspects of my life. I am going to get a Happiness Jar too as I am looking forward to an amazing 2014 and beyond. All the best Zara and I wish you nothing but good health, happiness and success! Happy New Year :) xx

  5. I love the theme youre using in your blog Im so grateful with this post and thank you a lot for sharing it with us. Will definately keep close track of these pages.
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  6. "It's a bad day, not a bad life". I love this quote and something I will do well to remember as 2013 was quite a poo year for me. Wishing us both happiness this year :) X

  7. I'm doing the same thing but writing it in my planner for the year! It is such a good idea. x


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